Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunny Side Up

In the past few weeks I have been asked several times about what the new colors are for 2009. This isn't something I ever really pay attention to, I buy what appeals to me in a specific moment and it's based on more than color. But I thought as a retailer maybe I should pay a little bit more attention to the "color trends". So I went on the internet hunt for answers to several questions:

  1. What are the "new" colors for 2009?
  2. Where are these colors showing up?
  3. What is the influence behind these colors?

According to the Pantone Color Institute (yes, there is an institute for color) the "new" colors for Spring 2009 are: Fuchsia Red, Salmon Rose, Palace Blue, Lucite Green, Super Lemon, Dark Citron, Lavender, Vibrant Green, Slate Gray, Rose Dust. It's not difficult to figure out that colors for spring are inspired by the season itself, new beginnings, growth, sunshine, freshness. What some of us may not realize is how much the economy and politics affect this list. Pantone chose Mimosa, a champagne infused orange juice shade of yellow, as the 2009 color of the year to represent the sentiments of the voting public. Americans are craving hope, joy and optimism. Words spoken consistently by our new administration. "Yellow is the color of change, of hopefulness, of warmth and of good cheer," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Now some of you may be thinking current economy = doom and gloom so why aren't the colors brown, black, and maybe even red for the profit and loss reports. But those colors wouldn't translate to promoting products and we as consumers want to feel good. When I asked my 11 year old daughter to describe yellow her words were "summer, exciting, perky, cheerful, and happy." She's right on target.

So where will we see these colors? Of course they will appear in the fashion arena but also in home d├ęcor and graphic design. It will be interesting to see how the colors are infused into the products presented to us as consumers. But hey, if Mimosa makes everyone feel sunny, bright and reassured (like there's a bright yellow light at the end of the tunnel), then I'm all for it.


Fuchsia Red

hand knit lavender filled heart by "handmedowns" on etsy

Salmon Rose

Palace Blue

Lucite Green

Super Lemon

Dark Citron


Vibrant Green

Slate Gray

Rose Dust

(this beautiful hat is from Amy Hamilton's Spring/Summer 2009 collection)

So tell me what you you like these colors? Will you incorporate them into your closet or home and how? Click on comments and let me know.


Jana said...

Customers have been asking me about colors for spring also...
Thanks for doing the research for me. We buy lots of color for our store so I think we are on track. Next week I'll create a color blog with pictures of our store and also give a link to your blog.
Thanks again...

Faded Elegance said...

Thank you so much for your comment on the Faded Elegance Style blog! We are thrilled that you found us through the Joyworks blog, and hope you visit again.

Congratulations on the Romantic Homes feature - great job!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lisa, I love the rose dust hat. Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words.

Tara said...

Hi Lisa, love all the advice and the amazng photos, so beautiful. I seem to keep with what I like, what is already in my house, changing here and there, but my colors seem to stay the same...I wish I was more creative and could change with the seasons but my husband already laughs at me when I spend the whole day re-arranging...what would he think if I started changing for the season?

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

This is good news for me. Since I painted my family room a beautiful bright green this month and the next room to be painted is bright yellow- I guess I'm ahead of the game (and can now throw this information back in my Honey's face- he does not like the green.)
Fun information- Thanks!

Shirley said...

Mimosa ..just painted my bedroom that color. It is bright, a change, and it can blend well with other colors. I like it..didn't much at first because of the brightness but after the other colors came in to play it is great!

Jeanneoli said...

I don't change the colors of my house very often, but I do bring new colors in. I really love the yellow, greens and slate colors you showed. It is amazing how a little new color can change everything. Your blog is lovely!

Sweet Repose said...

Purdy colors, but they won't sell on a piece of furniture unless it's old paint, at least in our shop. We used to sell alot of the apple green, turqs. and reds, but they want old paint too.

Same colors, different names, but black still rules for me. I've been painting furniture for 15 years now and don't have one piece for myself...gimmee old chippy any day...


Heather said...

Thanks for all these great tips! Color is just so much fun! I am so glad the Creator chose to paint the world so pretty and give us eyes to see it all! BTW your link to Granville millinery doesn't work - check your spelling of millinery!