Sunday, February 7, 2010

Arctic Ohio???

Doesn't it look like a polar bear should be out there? This is the "north shore" of Ohio... our beloved Lake Erie. Makes me cold just looking at this! These photos were taken by my parent's neighbor Bruce. Here are his comments about this past weekend:

We had a very weird storm Friday evening. You could see the grass in our
lakeside yard, and there was very little snow on my driveway, or on yours.
But there were huge drifts. Susan was coming home Friday about 10 pm and
couldn't make it to our driveway, couldn't make it past Ralph's house. Sue
next door to us was totally blocked in by snowdrifts, took us a few hours
yesterday to get her cleared.

Hard to say how much snow we got, cause it was mostly drifts. But the wind
Friday evening was as wicked as I've seen it here. I was carrying a
suitcase up my front steps and the wind made it hard to get up the steps.

But everything is OK, no damage to your house or ours. The lake has been
frozen most of the week, but it's sunny today and there's some open water
surrounded by big tall ice walls. I've attached a picture from yesterday
afternoon. Hope you folks are OK down there, I think you got hit worse than we did.

That's Cedar Point on the horizon.
Over by the lighthouse is the mouth of the Huron River.
Don't drive any farther! You'll end up in the lake!
It's a very good thing it's water with high winds are not very kind to the house. It has been encased in ice countless times from waves crashing on the seawall and then blowing onto the house. When the lake was really high waves crashed right at the foundation (of the house) and shot straight up. The force lifted the rafters off the top of the wall!
Oh how a sandy beach in Florida calls to me right now.


DustyLu said...

Gorgeous photo's thanks for taking me to those beautiful place! we don't see the snow that much here in cali..~lulu

*The Beautiful Life* said...

We've got loads of sandy beaches here, Lisa! C'mon down! ;)

We could "house trade" and you could stay here and I can go up and enjoy the snow! :)

Spring WILL come -- I promise!


Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Such odd weather this winter. Beautiful photos of all the puffy white stuff. Love your shop as well~especially that ruffled tablecloth~swooon. Its on my wish list.

KarenSue said...

This looks chilly. It's about 40 here in Orlando and I think it's cold. I was born in Lakeside Ohio but I left at about 3 so I don't remember. I sure hope you stay warm.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Wonderful White World ....

Happy Thoughts!

molly susan strong said...

Oh as a Michigander with my mom's home on Lake Huron...i so get it But here in DC we have had our fill. Love your blog.

Opulent Oddities said...

Brr! I hope you stay warm!