Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March madness for great finds!

Ruffled chair slip covers $179 each, French glass jug $295, architectural piece sold
fantastic antique shelf clock $150
vintage lady figurine with gorgeous lace accents $70
Artemis, goddess of hunting, cast iron figural piece from a Victorian fence $70
working Mora wall clock replica $150, set of five vintage chairs $150, zinc finish lamp $74, spring wreath with nest of eggs $15
3 story bird cages $140, faux concrete handled nest basket with bird $19
a real and vintage embellished egg - $15/SOLD
lovely silver bucket with lion head handles
vintage McCoy tea and sugar canisters
beautiful old aqua bowl
vintage postal scale $39, pottery frog sold
vintage decorated box of monogrammed "S" silverware $49, personal favorite: wire work shelf $86
one of two hanging cherubs $110 each, one of a pair of cast iron wall pieces $50
darling vintage lamp shade
vintage McCoy vinegar cruet
vintage seaport ephemera inspired graphic pillows, now $20 each
love these...carved souvenir sandals circa early 1940's from World War 2
cast iron chimney sweep fireback $35, floral crown $50 see our zinc one here


*The Beautiful Life* said...

LOVING the Mora clock, the canisters, the vintage scale... everything!!! Sure do need to make a trip up to your shop! :)

Have a great day!


Lynn said...

I love the chair with the lamp on the wall how do you have it hanging?

Traci said...

Lots of great finds. Can't wait to visit store!! Could I get the measurements of the Mora clock. I have wanted one since I saw the brown one in the store last year. Thanks

Urban Farmhouse said...

@Lynn the chair's have openings in the top, handles for pulling them in and out from the tableI suppose, so the chair is hanging on a screw through that hole

@Traci the Mora clock replica is 52 inches in length

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

LOVE that first pic and the tea/sugar canisters!!!

Your blog is so fun too...

jessica lynn said...

your store looks to be filled with such sweet items!!! i wish we didnt live so far!

Sushikay said...

I love that idea of hanging a chair on the wall and using it as a shelf.
Wish I had brick walls in my home.
Beautiful Blog!


Irene said...

Very nice (and very expensive!) French jug!

Urban Farmhouse said...

@Irene, yes bottle is beautiful and expensive. They are rather elusive in our neck of the woods, also, I failed to mention that it has the original traveling basket and "crown"...this piece is huge and gorgeous!!