Monday, June 7, 2010

HUGE news about Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine!

The gorgeous cover of the next issue of Jeanne d' Arc Living magasin...coming July 9th! But the wonderful, fantastical news????????? This doesn't happen that often in retail so could I have a drum roll please????...........
Due to the fluctuation in the current euro/us dollar exchange rates my costs have dropped dramatically and I am so thrilled to pass this savings on to all of you JDL junkies!! The price for this issue will be just $25!!!!!!!! That's almost 29% less! A return to the pre-2010 increase you all have been faithfully enduring! Reserve your very own issue right now!
I am so excited to be able to do this! I know it was an exorbitant jump last year for all of us and it is wonderful to actually share some good news and share the savings!
This issue promises to be an excellent one too, take a look at the cover above to see what's in store - "Delicate Chocolate Cosmoses" now what could that be? A recipe for artistic chocolate decorations? Deep, rich chocolate hued cosmos flowers? A chocolate cosmo cocktail? Hmm...
Plus "Terraces and Outdoor Rooms" - I am so looking forward to this feature as we are currently working with a fabulous landscape architect & design friend whi is drawing up plans for our own outdoor space.
And being an avid purveyor of old stuff the "Making Old Signs" promises to be delightful.
So share the good news with all your friends and fellow JDL junkies, shout it from your rooftops and terraces! But don't forget to reserve your copy here!


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Jennifer said...

This is a magazine? I am sorry, I don't know anything about it - but I find it hard to pay the normal magazine prices today, just to get 60 pages of advertisements and maybe 20 of actual articles. How is the price justified? Is there something I don't know about this magazine?

Urban Farmhouse said...

Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your comment and your question is justified. First and foremost, this magazine has only 6-8 pages of ads, not 68, six to eight, unheard of in the magazine industry. Which means about approximately 155 pages of nothing but pretty stuff! The ads are all clustered in the back of the issue so from the time you crack open the cover to almost the back page, it is nothing but content (seasonal decorating, recipes, gardening, etc.) and gorgeous, entire page photos. Second, Jeanne d' Arc only offers their publication to boutiques, it cannot be purchased at "big box" book stores, making it a truly special magazine. Third, the pages of the magazine are not glossy tear easy pages, they are a few steps away from card stock quality, which is good because this is a publication you will want to keep for a very long time.

Truly, it is more of a soft bound home decor book with an intense focus on French & Nordic design. There is a reason why each one arrives gift wrapped and they sell out, consistently, month after month, even at the $35 price tag before the fluctuation in the euro/usdollar exchange rate.

Hope that helps answer your question.


Kathy said...

Oh my....I've never heard o this magazine and the pics you share are simply FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing with us!! xo Kathy