Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The "After". . . we go. I was going for a cleaner, sleeker look with some vintage tossed in for character. Still a couple things I need (which I noticed after taking photos) but 90% complete.
The "blue hour" shot, with my rock candles aglow. I love my seahorse but she is going to have to find another place to hang out now. I need something else there...haven't found it yet, of course, if I knew what I was looking for it would be easier. Your suggestions welcomed!
I fell in love with these concrete urns that I stumbled across in Granville. They are new and I plan on washing them with a vinegar/yogurt solution to encourage a mossy patina to start growing. Still need something on the door but I am not a wreath person.(My door looks like it's floating, hmm, maybe put a wide limestone slab there as a mini step?)
I love the shallow bowl and the height from the elongated stem.
I am SO not good at pairing plants/flowers (and let's not talk about keeping them alive afterward, it's ugly). I actually had to "phone a friend" after I wandered around the nursery for 40 minutes trying to figure out the 3rd plant for this simple collection. Sad, I know. I am very landscape challenged.
All the white wicker went away and was replaced by this group of vintage wrought iron. The black has worn to a nice chalky black-green.
My vintage champagne box, which I filled with wispy maiden hair ferns, I bought from Lisa Marton. She rents a space from me at the store and finds some of the most amazing and unusual pieces.

A hint of ruffles on the box pillows add a bit of elegance without full on "frou frou".
Vintage ironstone tureen spilling over with petunias (the third plant suggestion by my friend...I can hear you laughing! I told you I was challenged in the horticulture arena!)
Behind the two chairs is my beloved climbing rose. This one I did some research on. I have always wanted one but knew myself to well. I needed a rose that could take little to no maintenance (read neglected). This gal is quite independent. I planted her three years ago and she is climbing up on to the top of our porch already. It's a New Dawn rose and it was FULL of blooms top to bottom in May and early June.

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit!

28 comments: said...

I love it. It is so welcoming and cozy. How about a huge basket to hang on the wall filled with white and blue silk flowers? Whatever you put there will be beautiful I am sure:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

It looks wonderful. I too, love the urns, they're perfect right there. How about an old vintage sign where the sea horse is now? Looks great what you've done and most importantly, very welcoming to have a seat and relax.

Ticking and Toile said...

I love it the cushions w/ the ruffles!! love the mat w/ the stencils & ALL the urns and the ironstone.....yummmmmmmy!!

Thanks for the inspiration!


Melanie said...

Beautiful!! I love it! I have been attempting to redo my back porch and you have given me some MUCH NEEDED inspiration!:-)

Beth Rutter said...

I think it looks wonderful! Love those urns!!

The only addition would maybe be some height. What about a big potted plant or a skinny/tall shelf with mossy teracotta pots and vintage garden tools.

Oh the possibilities!!

Shanda said...

I think you have a very fine and lovely start goiong on there. If your flower pots get much sun at all, and a healthy dose of rain water, they won't grow the moss. I might as well tell you and save you the heart ache. i've done been down that road and mine were on the north side of my house and still no moss. I would faux paint them and be done with it.
have fun shopping and treasure hunting for your new adventure spot. How about a giant 5 pointed country star in place of the sea horse or an old house window....with a small vine wreath on it. just sayin'.

Polly said...

Ok, first of all, I am sooooo excited that you are sharing pictures of your home!! You have such impeccable taste and style, and I am loving getting this glimpse!

The concrete urns are fabulous, and of course, the ruffled chair cushions are perfect!

I kind of like the whimsical seahorse!!

I met a couple ladies at the shop today...I have been working my booth for 2 days and can't seem to make any progress....anyways....they were raving about your store and love it when the can make their 3 times a year visit!!

See you...


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Looks great! I love what you did!~Hugs, Patti

Rustique Art said...

Would love to be sitting there sipp'n iced tea and watching the sun set. What a divine setting.

Carmen said...

*sigh* So beautiful. I love that seahorse. But I agree that you need something else in that space, something bigger. I was going to suggest a wreath with lots of texture but then you said you aren't a wreath person. Hmmmm. Anyway...I love everything. And where can I get myself a seahorse like that?

Urban Farmhouse said...

My seahorse came from The Sand Dollar on Anna Maria Island in Florida. Her online store is
If they're not on the site try calling the shop, they are super fabulous people.

Urban Farmhouse said...

Thank you everyone for your very kind comments! Also for taking time out of your day to stop by my neck of the virtual woods.

The Grandy's said...

I'm not a wreath person either. Which is why I'm planning on hanging an old metal gear from a tractor there instead. My sister also mentioned hanging an old rusty bike wheel. Can you imagine the possibilities? Put anything that is round there, except a wreath. What about just an old round frame?

Urban Farmhouse said...

Love the suggestions! Please keep them coming. The gear, wheel and vintage sign sound very interesting. I did hang an old frame there last October with a Victorian white baby gown hanging in the middle for a "ghosty" effect. I was thinking about an old piece of iron fence in black. A tall piece (for height like Beth suggested). Much easier to do this at the store!

((Also, the bamboo mat is available at my store.))

Polly you're so sweet. Thanks for sharing the info about the ladies too.

Shanda thanks for the tip. I was worried about that. What recipes have you tried?

marta said...

Absolutely Love It! I want to come to your store!!!!!!!!


Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

What a great porch! I like your idea of the limestone slab under the door, I may have to use that under our door! The cushions on the chairs are perfect, actually so as not to repeat myself I think all of it is perfect! I absolutely love your floor mat too! Theresa

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Your porch looks amazing! What a wonderful spot to enjoy a cool drink on a warm summer night!
Thanks for sharing all of this fabulous inspiration!
Hugs ~ Jo :)

Carol said...

I love the new porch. I went by a house yesterday and they had an old oval mirror on their front porch and that would look really cute to reflect the candles and lighting at night. Also an old piece of ironwork would look great there if it is big enough and the front door would look cute with an old tea stained cross stitch framed picture hung there with "Welcome or Believe" wording on it. Great job on the new porch. Great inspiration for all!!!

Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...


Claire de Lune said...

Been a follower for awhile, but never left a comment before. I just want to come and knock on your door and invite myself to tea on your porch. I like the organic addition of putting the slab under your front door. You've made an outdoor room full of peace & tranquility. Thanks for sharing your home.

Urban Farmhouse said...

Thanks Janet (and Emily!)! You all are way too kind. Send me a photo of the iron piece, sounds interesting.

Urban Farmhouse said...

I am so blessed to be able to meet all of you through blog world. A few of you said 'thanks for sharing', it is I who is thankful that you all stop in for a visit and that the blogging world has broadened my circle of decorating friends. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Nancy said...

Your porch seems a lovely, relaxing place to enjoy. I would put a large oversized clock or clockface.
Good luck with your flowers. Here in the south the heat is killing all mine.

The Whispering Creek House said...

is it not just the most fun to do our little porches? it is such a quick little room to redo and gives us so much satisfaction! love yours!

Karen said...

Where did you get the rock candles? So much fun! Love the look of your porch...

Urban Farmhouse said...

Thanks Karen. The rock candles are available in my brick & mortar store right now. I do have some stacked ones I will be putting in the boutique/shopping area of my website soon.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Lisa, I just love your porch. The rock candles are so neat!

Love all those pillows, too!

As for what to fill the void after the seahorse gallops away... Well, Jeanne d'Arc has those nice long narrow iron scrolly thingy's (forget now what they call them), but they are those ornate iron window or wall decorations... But... you might get rust on the wall of your house over time, so... maybe not, on further thought. Hmmm... I like Tracie's idea of using an old sign, too! (French, of course!). ;)

Loved seeing your porch! Can we go inside the front door now? ; )


heidi said...

I absolutely love your porch! We just got rid of all the wood furniture on ours because of a small pest and are looking to invest in wrought iron next. I love those ruffle boxed pillows. So inviting and what better way to welcome others to your porch. It says come sit awhile with me!!!