Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A sampling of our latest arrivals...more every week!!

 old rusty fence pieces, garden art on the wall
 huge vintage fishing float

 fabulous reproduction French sconces
 an urban farmhouse best seller...burlap foot stools
 nostrum bottles
vintage beaded French flower bouquet
 classic bell cloches
 more of our favorite pillows
 bottle drying rack
 European wall fountain
 willow trunks
 so many uses for these...our fav idea is to hang one in an outdoor shower
a spring main stay at the farmhouse...walking/gathering sticks with built in baskets (can't wait for morel season!)
not all items in my brick and mortar store are on my website, please feel free to email me at if you see something here you are interested in, make sure you add my email address to your address book so you receive my reply or be sure to check your SPAM/junk mail file


lala said...

Absolutely love the walking stick with basket - have been wanting one forever after seeing Martha Stewart using one in her garden years ago.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Lisa, where are those walking basket/sticks on your website? I HAVE to have one for my Mom. She is pushing 90 but loves to gather the fallen pecans in her yard. That's perfect said...

I want it all! Love it!!!

Drawn to The Sea said...

Oh, that float! Dreamy. Just how big is it?

Sheila said...

Lisa..I just love the cnae stick walking basket and the drying rack is quite lovely too. I hope your week has been a good one :)


Urban Farmhouse said...

Hey all! So glad you love it cuz I love it too!! Lynn, the willow basket walking sticks are 22.95 plus whatever shipping would be. If you want to email me with a zip code I can find out what that would be. Drawn to the Sea, the fishing floats are about the size of a bowling ball.
Thanks for visiting everyone! Enjoy your Wednesday!

bh said...

Actually those aren't garden fences. They are European window grates from door sidelights.

Heaven's Walk - said...

ADORE those footstools! How unique and chic! :)

xoxo laurie

Anita said...

oh, those great.

Anonymous said...

Love all these things...especially the float and suitcases. So cool!!