Monday, April 11, 2011

Dreams baths...just for fun.

Hey there friends! Hope you all are enjoying April. Looks like spring has finally graced all of us with her presence. You may have noticed I have not been blogging much lately. Yes, I have been posting pictures but very little in the way of commentary (you might even enjoy it more this way?). Besides the normal daily runnings of the store we are also preparing for an event some friends and I are putting together for you! The event is in May and will replace our beloved Bryn Du show which is no longer happening. If you follow me on Facebook then you already know about it (Please join us there! It's a party every day!). If you don't know make sure you sign up for my email mailing list (on the right side on this blog) as we're sending the formal invites out this week.

Now, how about a little bathroom fantasy trip to liven up the day?

 photo from chiclittleblog
 photo from cotedetexas
 photo from
 photo from homeinspiring
 photo from nestdallasdesign
 photo from novabathrooms
 photo from Coastal Living magazine
 photo from modern-decors
 photo from
 photo from tiktock2u
 photo from tiktock2u
photo from tinatarnoff

Which one is your favorite?


Sister Patty said...

Can't I just have them all??? I never thought that much about decorating a bathroom... love the old tub with white sea stars over the blue... Lovely! Thank you for sharing!

Lisa said...

I want to cry! I love the last one! thank you so much for sharing these, it's makeover time!



My favorite is the last one.

Ara said...

oh my! never seen so many wonderful bathrooms!