Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Fork in the Road to Minnesota (fork=detour=missed the show)

A very quick post...more pictures tomorrow...working like a crazy woman getting the shop spun into all her glory with freshly gathered farmhouse finds for you. Thank goodness for family (and really good friends!) and their willingness to help!! Mostly my insanely patient husband who is discovering that he is pretty darn good at packing/unpacking truck & trailer, general shop keeping and merchandising! If you don't follow me on Facebook, let me bring you up to speed and I will make a long story short and sweet. We never made it to Minnesota last week. Last Monday we were four hours into our fourteen hour road trip when I was blindsided with a kidney stone the size of Jupiter :-) (I can laugh about it now...not then, if you've had them, you know...excruciating doesn't begin to describe the pain.) So five hours at an ER in Greenfield, Indiana resulted in us being sent home to Ohio for me to be admitted to our local hospital that night. Four days and one laser surgery later I was sent home only to return the next day in an ambulance. I said long story short so let's end it here...I'm better...on the mend I should say, JunkMARKET Under Glass was a HUGE success for  Sue Whitney and all the amazingly talented vendors. I  am bummed I missed it but have already marked my calender for the the Spring 2013  event.
Be sure to friend me on Facebook too...daily postings happening there!!'s time to pre order the April edition of Jeanne d' Arc Living AND......drum roll please........due to the good folks at JDL sourcing the printing for the US edition right here in the US the rate has dropped substantially!! So now it's just $13.95 plus shipping/handling....only $19.95 now!!! Click on the cover below to order yours now, at the new low price they will go FAST so don't delay. Be sure to come back here and check out photos...more to come tomorrow.
I have been trying to get more on the website shopping area lately too but as always, if you see something on the blog that is not available on my website send me an email and I'll see what we can do for you.
 So the shop is packed with all kinds of new and old treasures!! Like this vintage bamboo set of five chairs and a matching table (with two leaves). I have left it as found in off white paint but, with the right cushions I think it would look AMAZING painted black.
 Here are just a few quick shots I took with my phone...more to follow tomorrow from the real camera.
 Lots of fabulous new goods...
 And of course always a funky pastiche of one of a kind vintage finds like this folk art canoe men's tie holder from the 1930's.
 An old general store piece...
 HUGE faux clam shell...
 Vintage on the wing...
 Industrial dipping basket, wouldn't this make a great pendant/chandelier?
 Spring time nests! Perfect for tucking anywhere.
 Numbered metal wall pocket organizer, love these! Order online here.

Everything looks better with a splash of candle light and these little capiz shell lotus blossoms can do just the trick anywhere in your home.

SOOOOO much more, more pictures tomorrow.


Chris said...

Oh, I feel for you! I've been there! So sad to hear and ultimately, you missing the show! There will be more, thank heaven! Keep feeling better!

JunqueMagnet said...

Oh no! Glad you are on the mend. Bummer to miss the show but better to get better. Speedy recovery. So excited for Rural Society and VM in May!

Marge of Emmas Nook and Granny said...

We missed you at JMUG! I am just now catching up on reading blogs, so am a little late to comment here. By now I suspect you are feeling much better. Not sure I will make it to the Springfield show, but certainly would love to. If not, I'll meet you some other time. Hugs from Minnesota. ~Marge