Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Sweet Weekend

Back from Springfield and boy what a whirlwind of a weekend albeit very sweet! With 2,000 vendors and almost 10 times as many shoppers the three days are a bit of a blur. Especially when the Courtyard by Marriott called me Thursday night at 8:30pm and says they don't have a room for me after all, bummer. So my trooper of a mom and I drove back and forth from Columbus each evening and morning. Hopefully you followed me and all the fun on Facebook. If not my dear friend Theresa from Timeworn Interiors has been posting pictures of several vendors on her blog and you can visit her here.

Meanwhile back in Thornville I am open 10-4 through Saturday. I am still unpacking things as I returned late Sunday night and as you can imagine resetting the entire store is a bit daunting, especially when it's so beautiful outside and my air mattress and the lake keep calling me, I have ignored the voice thus far but it's very distracting.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend! Be safe out there!!


Debby said...

I'm not sure how you survived three days and then traveling to and from. I tried to get a room but no luck.
Great vendors, everyone had so much fun. I love how we are all color coordinatd in the group photo.

JunqueMagnet said...

I sure hear you. My comment was an hour each way and I had to load up the car each day with more Junque as I don't have a truck to bring loads. Springfield
ought to be an Olympic event for vendors. I'm still tired three days later...