Monday, June 11, 2012

A smattering of what's in store now...

We're welcoming summer with a shop full of amazing new and vintage finds! Here is a peek at what's in store right now. . .
Two of the "four seasons" cherub statues. On the left is Spring and on the right is Summer (I think).
 Several pieces of gorgeous, tropical barkcloth.
 Petite traveling cage, ironstone and a carved wood pedestal.
 European bucket filled with architectural pieces.
 Love this! Multi drawer, numbered chest.
 Giant faux clam shells
 Vintage clarinet
 Over sized embellished clips
 Flip bench that converts to a table, Mora replica clock and a French gray trumeau mirror
 Some coastal inspiration
 A shop favorite,anything dog related, retriever bookends.
 Taxidermy and a wedding? Of course!
 Numbered pier crates and a whitewashed dresser (awaiting new handles)
 Ornate ewer and pugilism accouterments.
 A school of miniature porcelain fishes.
 Pretty and romantic distressed silver glass tumblers filled with a pure soy candle in the most intoxicating fragrance...citrus pear: a fruity and light blend of green pear, apple, peach, clove and sweet raspberry musk.
 A summer bouquet in a willow wrapped hurricane.
 Middle America industrial finds reborn as art.
 Transfer ware and capiz pieces.
 Iron stone and organic still my heart.
 Vintage wallpaper and another multi drawer piece...function follows form (or is it form follows function?).
 Vintage numbered box...for hotel keys?
 These are fantastic! Inspired by old cistern cups these numbered organizers are perfect near a phone and paired with a chalkboard.
 Carved wood pedestals, shells and loads of ironstone fill the HUGE industrial shelving piece at the store
 A bouquet of sunny yellow McCoy pottery, all shapes and sizes.
 An urban farmhouse favorite and best seller...I just received a fresh supply of burlap foot stools.
 Nautical lanterns, lake scene by a local artist and a summer favorite "Aloha Orchid" candles.
 New mercury glass candle sticks pair perfectly with vintage anything.
 Porcelain like sea urchins, their intricate design is so simple yet so complex. Amazing!
 Here in Ohio we're of course no where near the ocean but bowls of shells remind us all of precious time spent at the shore and coastal waters, who doesn't love that?
 Another seasonal lids turn your mason jars into vintage look luminaries.

 I have a handful of ground vintage chemistry/pharmacy stoppers available.
 French bread board, demijohn bottle, marble topped cafe set, vintage strawberry farm stand sign that would look fantastic hanging on a kitchen wall.
 Shell art boxes, Adirondack chairs and straw summer. 
 This tin topped piece looks amazing anywhere! Kitchen, foyer, dining room, bathroom. How fun would it be to install vessel sinks in this piece?
 A stunning piece of brown transfer ware...the art and detail is amazing! The back is marked with a bee skep with bees buzzing around.
Circa 1940's school chart of wood peckers...would be perfect in a "camp & cottage" design.

Lots coming in this week that is not pictured here. Hope to see you soon!


Polly said...

my goodness Lisa! looks amazing! must.make.a.trip.there.soon.!!!


It's all goooood!!!

time worn interiors said...

Great inventory!