Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fran's Gorgeous Summer Verandah

This month I am very excited that one of my customers, Fran, has graciously shared photos of part of her "Notable Nest" with us. In honor of the lazy days of summer we're just going to hang out on her beautiful verandah. I think I'll sit over in the swing. We'll stir up some mint juleps and just wile away the day right here. Thank you Fran!


Anonymous said...

Oh I was getting so my favorite "magazine" had been lost in the mail or someone had intercepted it to read for themselves...but alas, today the Urban Farmhouse writings appeared on my email doorstep and I haven't done one single thing around here since! I spent my first 20 minutes lingering on Fran's Veranda!!!! That just set the mood for the rest of my day (planning to do nothing but sip ice tea and read a great book!) Oh that all of us could have Fran's Veranda and View...fore sure the world would be calmer and happier and oh so much more peaceful!!!! LOVED IT!!! I would write more my friend, but I've got to get back to favorite read of the month! Loving it and love you. Bye for now. Mare

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I do enjoy receiving your emails. I absolutely
loved Fran's pictures and the song attached! I let it play over and over while I
did things at the desk.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa. What a beautiful setting. Everything is so "lush" and just makes you want to sit on the porch and have a cuppa-something. Wish we could come visit your shop!!! Blessings Peg French Vanilla

mishebe said...

what a lovely slide show. beautiful things you have. love the urns... mishelle

Just a bed of roses said...

Thanks for sharing Fran's beautiful garden porch and her talent in creating it...every shot was like a magazine photo. I can tell she really did love to make the world a more beautiful place than she found it. May her legacy be remembered by her loved ones.