Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yes, I'm still alive & kicking...

Friday, August 8th
Yes...I am still here. That's what I told Jon & Peg from French Vanilla who stopped by today for the first time. Many of you may have seen a home of theirs featured in a home decor book titled Garden Style by Better Homes & Gardens. They called on their way here because Peg noticed I had not posted on here since July 24th. . .I said "Yes I'm here, come on down." What a treat to meet both of them and their new addition Hannah, a beautiful blonde retriever puppy traveling with them. Peg found Urban Farmhouse through the Garden Antqs Vintage blog written by Theresa. Thanks Theresa! So nice to meet you Peg & Jon!

Okay, I'm back from a wonderful week in the mountains of northeast Georgia were we vacationed with our dear friends the Luckey's. Lots of new goods have made their way into the shop, I snapped a few photos before they started flying out the door. Early Saturday morning additions (sorry, no photos yet, so new they're still wet behind the ears) primitive light green flat wall cupboard (missing it's doors), DARLING old one door bead board cupboard with cottage green paint, full size iron bed, stripped wooden rocking chair, primitive bench, old white trunk, 2-tiered pie crust table with new sage green paint, 3-tiered stand with sage paint, 4 vintage folding old white paint lake chairs, open front old white paint short cupboard, huge vintage bust of woman...and more!)
Here you go:



Anonymous said...

Jon and I were finally able to stop at your shop!! It's just beautiful. I could have sprawled out in your wicker settee and stayed forever!! And I see some things I didn't notice when we were there. I'm upset now...LOL Can't wait to stop in again. Almost makes me wish for another Dr. appt. Peg French Vanilla

Kasey said...

looks good Lisa!

sweetpea said...

Oh wow--you got to meet Peg and John!!! Hi Peg and John!! I am so enjoying my wellies! Yes I wear them in the heat of summer! Wish I could drop by--maybe someday!!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So glad Peg and Jon found you and of all places through me!! How cool this blog world is, isn't it. Aren't they just the sweetest!! I so would love to come and visit myself, maybe one day. I just love to see all the pretty pics of your shop.

timeworninteriors said...

Peg and Jon are great people we have been friends for about 3 years now! She has the best booth at Marburger Farms, wish you guys could see it! I will try to take some pics for my blog before it gets all sold out!

Your shop is great, hope I can visit some day. How far are you from Louisville, Ky.?


Jen r. said...

Wow, Great Stuff! Jen R