Saturday, September 26, 2009

Findings from Summerhouse at the CL Fair...

Okay, I admit it. I am THE most disorganized, "woulda, shoulda, coulda", "if it weren't for last minute I wouldn't get anything done", kind of thinker/doer. Sometimes it works out great and a phenomenal idea will come to me just when I am about to throw in the towel while thinking "I'm clueless...I can't think of anything". To prove this point the player piano rolls/mini vintage milk bottles/parchment roses/sea fans on my tent at the fair. A bit of a last minute collaboration of textures, etc. Imagine my surprise and subsequent joy when I unrolled the 3rd roll and found the lyrics were down the side, beautiful! Why I have not seen this before?

But...sometimes (and honestly more often than not) my spinning of many plates at once causes me to drop a few. For example...Joanna's Findings bracelets from Summerhouse (for those of you who attended the 2009 Country Living Fair she was in Tent 4). thats her behind her sign, busy wrapping up a purchase

Last year I oohed and aahed over her creations, absolutely loved them!!! I asked her for information on how to sell them in my shop so that I could share her masterpieces with you, she very professionally mailed me a typed wholesale terms package. Then I dropped a plate. The package is on my desk, which most days I can't get to because of various piles and projects blocking my path (very UNprofessional of me). To top that I left the fair without buying for the store!!! Okay, for 2008 I have an excuse, it was a wee bit windy on Sunday which caused some chaos. But, alas, did the same thing again this year! No excuse except exhaustion.
(I am the proud owner & wearer of the bottom bracelet!)

However, I did pick out one of her bracelets for myself...a lovely, chunky marriage of texture(glass/metal/lucite), with one of a kind trinkets mixed into the collage. The 2 that caught my eye were a mini shell whose edges have been dipped in gold and a round charm that says "genuine".

I'm sure it's that way for all the lucky owners of a Findings creation...particular elements of a piece caught their eye or "spoke" to them. Whether it conjured up a fond memory (the shell for me) or is a quite, simple reminder about how someone wants to be in life ("genuine") a Findings bracelet is more than an accessory for an outfit. It's a snapshot of a special moment, thought or idea that wraps around your wrist.

Thank you Joanne for sharing your creations with us. They are a true joy! Attention Urban Farmhouse shoppers...Findings creations will be arriving soon...what an awesome Christmas present! Find more about Joanna (and her mom Kathe), her shop Summerhouse and her Findings creations in this months Better Homes & Gardens.


KarenSue said...

Ohh it's such torture looking at all these beautiful things. Why do I do this to myself.

McMaster and Storm said...

they are lovely creations!
glad to get to talk to you some at the fair........
your booth was lovel-y!

kara & darcy too