Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Country Living Fair 2008

Too tired to write much, but I know there are a few who couldn't make it and are chomping at the bit for some photos...don't want to keep you waiting! Tomorrow I will shoot some photos of spaces I adore and just want to move into and stay, so many talented and creative minds out there. So grateful they share their gifts with us! I promise to share them with you all ASAP.

Prior to leaving for Columbus a semi-truck hit the driver's side mirror of my truck (and didn't stop!!). The CL Fair is waiting! No time for the body shop! When the going get's tough, the tough rethink, repurpose and reuse!!
the trailer partially loaded
the tent up, merchandise on deck (see that gorgeous southern style walnut farm table?, see it in person Sunday and take it home with you, she's a beauty!)
Aunt Maggie welcomed all to our booth
(not all welcomed her, she could be quite dreadful!)

Uncle Bernie minded his manners for the most part...
occasionally his temper flared when it started raining!


timeworninteriors said...

Love the mirror on the side of your truck! Not sure I would have thought of that! I would have been in total panic.

Layla said...

I would KILL to be able to attend this fair! You have the BEST stuff. That number "8" is calling my name!
I'm in Prattville, Alabama (near Montgomery) and with gas prices as high as they are- I think I'm stuck here. :-( Boo.

The Lettered Cottage

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa. Love the pictures!! The mirror is too funny. I'll bet you get some stares from that. Your tent looked awesome. Did most of the dealers do well? Say a prayer Texas is good. Long way down there and then w/gas prices up... Blessings. Peg

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Wow, everything looks, awesome. Would love to have been there. Lauri @ Chippys

French Vanilla said...

Lisa, Looks great!!! I want those birds. Pegd918@

Jersey Girl in DC said...

Just discovered you from Lettered Cottage and love your blog! I really wanted to go to the Country Living Fair, but it didn't work out with a family event the same weekend. I really, really want to go next year!


I just found your blog while looking at some of your pictures posted on The Lettered Cottage blog. Well I have a new fav place to visit, I love it!! I was just wondering, can I move in, I have always wanted to live in a farmhouse and I am always changing my furniture around anyways so I won't mind if it's a store LOL. You have done such a good job I will be back often!

Kasey said...

very fun to meet you Lisa!!

soapchix said...

Hi Lisa!
I'd hoped to get over to your tent on Sunday afternoon....until the massive windstorm blew us away.

How did your tent hold up? Were you able to get out with minimum damage?! It got so bad so quickly!

Thanks for stopping by our blog to say 'hi!' We'll have lots more pics and things to say about the Fair in the days to come!

Soapchix Tiff