Friday, September 26, 2008

Earth Angels

Briefly(!) on Sunday at the CL Fair I was able to quickly breeze around (pun intended) and pit stop at a handful of tents. I knew ahead of time I wanted to see the Earth Angels store. I have been a subscriber to their emails for over a year now and truly some of today's best folk art is coming from these artists. When I stopped in their tent I was immediately drawn to the creations of Cheryl Kuhn. Being a lover of anything using old photos I knew I wanted to see her one-of-a-kind mixed media collages in person. Her pieces are snapshots of a short story. She uses found objects and bits of prose to capture your imagination in a 3-D masterpiece. I think her pieces remind me of the diorama's I loved making in elementary school. Of course I don't remember the subject/topic, the focus of the project, but I remember making the sky, the cotton ball clouds hanging from fishing line to be invisible, breaking and gluing twigs on the back of the box to look like split rail fence, carving faces into peeled apples and then drying them (do this with your kids...hang them and let them dry, the apple contorts and wrinkles as it dries out, makes a great witch head). Cheryl's "grown-up" dioramas cause you to stop and let your mind wander into the lilliputian story. Below are shots of the piece I fell in love with and brought home...and Cheryl was there to sign and wrap it for me, what a treat. Thank you Cheryl for sharing your talent!

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