Friday, September 19, 2008

We were blown away...literally

Hurricane Ike decided to blow into Ohio with a strength no one expected and caught everyone off guard. Knocking out power to almost 2 million homes and businesses in Ohio alone, Ike was not a welcome fair goer. Our hearts and prayers go out to those in Texas who felt the full force of this storm and are still reeling from the havoc. More to come later...there always is... a check in tent
group tent, some were twisted by the wind and collapsed
as we packed we dodged falling limbs, Janet's husband took one to his shoulder and face, my dad just barely deflected one although it tore his glasses off, with some help from several passersby they were quickly located
our spot after we fought the winds and packed it (threw it) in to the trailer (unpacking all this week and finding debris in EVERYTHING!!)

Crew Stadium flags
back roads home, trees down everywhere

seeking sanctuary at the Bexley Methodist church (hopefully they let me stay...went to preschool here, I think they still have a file on me)


French Vanilla said...

Oh, my gosh Lisa!! Did this happen in the middle of the show or had it ended? Did you do well at the show (I hate to ask this)? Oh, no. So glad you are ok. One Spring here in Texas we had HOT weather at the beginning of the show and then the last Saturday it was Freezing and it snowed!! Jon had snow and ice stuck all over his face and head while loading out... But we love it anyway!! Blessings and kisses Peg

Urban Farmhouse said...

Peg and all others who have so kindly asked about our well being...we are fine except for some bruises here and there from falling limbs. My shop manager's husband took a big one to his shoulder and it cut his lip too. This started in the afternoon (2-ish)and the show was supposed to go on until 5. We were very lucky due to where our tent was located, behind a large building, others were not so lucky and lost lots of merchandise. I only lost glass from a vintage gesso frame and an urn which was new resin, no "one of a kind's" so to speak. As myself and a Stella show dude (good old Diaz) were ripping off the roof of the tent while my folks and Janet held down the legs (sometimes it was 10 inches off the ground) I still had ladies trying to shop underneath us as if nothing was going on!! LOL Diehards!! There are still homes around us without power.

Layla said...

Oh my goodness! Maybe I DON'T wish I was there to see it! WOW! I am so sorry to hear about the bad weather. :-(
Hope everything is a little calmer now...
The Lettered Cottage

soapchix said...

I was amazed at the number of people still shopping at my both while I was packing it up from under them. Diaz helped tie our booth down, which worked for a bit...

So sorry to hear about the tree limbs falling around and on top of you guys, Ashley and I were paranoid and so scared with all the debris falling all around. Yikes. I can't imagine driving a trailer in that wind!!!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

thankful that you and yours survived the winds. Unbeleivable, wasn't it?

We are up in Northern Ohio and had winds, power outages and the whole nine yards.

Prayers for the folks in Texas!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Lisa so glad you and yours are okay!! My son works for osmose utilities and they left yesterday morning headed to Virginia to help restore power. A friend of his was headed to Ohio with his crew...hopefully power will be restored soon....and a/c!!

Lou cinda