Monday, July 25, 2011

New Lenny & Eva sentiments

Just a sampling (as there are many, many more) of the new Lenny & Eva Salvaged Sentiments now available in "Boudoir" section of my online store (along with some beautiful urban farmhouse clothing). Truly a fun piece of jewelry to wear and an exceptional gift to give or receive! Perfect for bridesmaids gifts!

Wear as is or add a charm or two.
Add to your collection as it strikes you, having several sentiments to choose from is perfect for our ever changing moods right ladies? :-) Enjoy! See the entire line in the "Boudoir" section of my online store.

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Krystina said...

Oh goodness!! Pay day cannot come soon enough! I came across these once on a day trip to St Augustine and was heart broken when I had to walk away from them. I was so sure I'd never find them again- then I stumbled on your blog! :) I actually put up a link to these on my blog just a couple weeks ago but just got so excited that there's even more quotes to choose from now! I am a happy happy lady. I love everything on here- I'll definitely be stopping by more often.