Sunday, August 31, 2008

10 Reasons To Go To The Fair

(shamelessly borrowed from Country Living's website...don't forget...we will be closed Wednesday Sept 10th thru Sept 13th while we set up at the fair, y'all come!)
Photo by Ryan Benyi

Need a reason to attend the 2008 Country Living Fair? We'll give you 10;

1 ABUNDANT food, parking, and facilities.

2 150 VENDORS of antiques, vintage home decor and fashion, handmade wares, and more.


4 ON-SITE APPRAISALS with What Is It? What Is It Worth? columnist Helaine Fendelman and Antiques Roadshow experts.


6 SEMINARS AND DEMOS from floral arranging and decorative painting to cooking.

7 BOOK SIGNINGS with Amy Butler and Jodi Kahn.


9 MUSIC by Cooper Boone.

10 MORE at

Friday, August 22, 2008

Stepping in to Autumn

More like flying into Autumn for us...LOTS and LOTS of new items arrived and I cannot even get into my office for the boxes stacked in there! We're bust unpacking them in a frenzy trying to get them out for you. Here's just a few photos...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

26 days and counting. . .

I ran across this vintage box and could not resist posting it on her to share with my new blogging friends in our beloved Yankee Girls can scrap (junk) too! Come on up to the Country Living show next month and you will see. Can't wait to meet Y'ALL!!!

Ahh...the last days of, ripe tomatoes, local festivals starting, singing cicadas, apple orchards abundant with fruit and eager visitors wanting to pluck that just right sun-ripened gem. Is summer really almost over? Not for me...I will stretch it out as long as possible, but alas, in the retail world things work a little differently.

And so Fall and Halloween finds are starting to "squirrel" their way into the shop. (Did you like that cheesy symbolism?) Like these golden orchard pears.

Still plenty of time for a late summer gathering though. Fill this vintage thermos with fresh flowers for a one of a kind vase.

Beautiful sunflowers!

Fall berry stems in urn and some beautiful vintage English china.

I love the look of this bleached wood rocker, the finish (or lack of) lends itself to a Scandinavian look.

Darling little drysink cupboard.

A gathering of goods.

A great painted flatwall cupboard.

A fantastic old carpenter's cupboard. Original paint.

Portal mirrors and a lush wreath you could hang now and leave through all the holidays.

Orchard apple stems in sleek cube vase on wine storage table.

Another fireplace fireplace insert with great design.

I found some wonderful mirrors recently, this is just two of them.

A collection of vintage glass pitchers.

Vintage trunk, rug and petite wicker plant stand (not just for plants!)

White flatwall cupboard with doors.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fran's Gorgeous Summer Verandah

This month I am very excited that one of my customers, Fran, has graciously shared photos of part of her "Notable Nest" with us. In honor of the lazy days of summer we're just going to hang out on her beautiful verandah. I think I'll sit over in the swing. We'll stir up some mint juleps and just wile away the day right here. Thank you Fran!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yes, I'm still alive & kicking...

Friday, August 8th
Yes...I am still here. That's what I told Jon & Peg from French Vanilla who stopped by today for the first time. Many of you may have seen a home of theirs featured in a home decor book titled Garden Style by Better Homes & Gardens. They called on their way here because Peg noticed I had not posted on here since July 24th. . .I said "Yes I'm here, come on down." What a treat to meet both of them and their new addition Hannah, a beautiful blonde retriever puppy traveling with them. Peg found Urban Farmhouse through the Garden Antqs Vintage blog written by Theresa. Thanks Theresa! So nice to meet you Peg & Jon!

Okay, I'm back from a wonderful week in the mountains of northeast Georgia were we vacationed with our dear friends the Luckey's. Lots of new goods have made their way into the shop, I snapped a few photos before they started flying out the door. Early Saturday morning additions (sorry, no photos yet, so new they're still wet behind the ears) primitive light green flat wall cupboard (missing it's doors), DARLING old one door bead board cupboard with cottage green paint, full size iron bed, stripped wooden rocking chair, primitive bench, old white trunk, 2-tiered pie crust table with new sage green paint, 3-tiered stand with sage paint, 4 vintage folding old white paint lake chairs, open front old white paint short cupboard, huge vintage bust of woman...and more!)
Here you go: