Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unadvertised Sale for our Blog & Mailing List Readers Only

Thank you for being one of our "bestest" fans! To show our appreciation we are offering our VIP clients incredible savings on fabulous furniture!

25-50% off selected chairs, tables, cupboards and more!

Beginning at 10AM this Wednesday through 5PM Saturday

(Please note, due to the nature of this sale, we will not be offering our 24-hour courtesy holds, if you have had your eye on something DON'T WAIT!! This is an unadvertised sale for our email & blog clients, arrive early, bring a truck!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Urn envy

I sell a lot of antique urns and it's always hard to let them go. There is just something about their shape that I love, even when they are empty. I do have one (finally) at my own home. It is sitting in the middle of my unlandscaped yard, looking lonely, but it is beautiful. Some day it will be a gorgeous focal point, full of glorious plants spilling over the rim. Here are 2 of 5 urns I picked up last week plus some others in the shop. Then a few photos of urns in their "forever homes". Do you have "urn envy" or have you satified th crave? Leave me a comment!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Some of Janet's new old finds...

Most of my in-store customers know Janet, but some of my on-line customers who have not visited my shop in person (yet) have not had the pleasure of meeting her. She is the smiling sweetie who minds the store while I'm gone and also merchandises the back 1/4 of my store with her fabulous finds. Here are some of her recent additions...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A heavy day...

Spent the whole day out rounding up garden pieces. My truck was riding low tonight...full of huge antique urn parts and pieces, all very heavy, crusty and lovely. Five in all + one of me = very tired arms...but they are getting sculpted right?

But the big find of the day? This salesman's sample iron bed! OH MY!! Now isn't this just THE perfect place for your beloved 4-legged friend to snooze? Deck this bed out with a white dust ruffle, a fluffy pillow and sweet vintage quilt piece. Say good-bye to that blasé, generic pet pillow...perch your pooch (or feline) on this darling little cutie. After all...who waits all day for you with a smile no matter what? Don't they deserve a little vintage too?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Before and After (finally)...

Bonnie in Missouri reminded me this morning that I had never posted the "After" of the old grey cupboard last month. Taxes and boxes of new spring goods got me off track and once you do that to me someone has to take me by the hand and lead me back to what I was originally doing, sorry about that everyone. Thank you Bonnie.

So to remind you where we started, a few of the before and during photos:
((((((she is ready to be adopted too only $595))))))

The "before" outside...

The "before" inside...ewww...poor gal had been in some greasy garage. This picture was taken AFTER she had been to the carwash for a good soaping. She still needed a good undergarment to clean up her shape (don't we all?) so since I always seem to have piles and piles of old sheet music to the "bars and refrains" we went.

The "during"...I started out with Mod Podge as I have used for years but found a premixed wallpaper adhesive and used that instead. Much faster because a 5-inch brush fit in the pail perfectly.

The "After" outside. After several bottles of industrial cleaner and raw hands she received a coat of wax rubbed on, allowed to dry, then buffed off with soft cotton cloths. I actually think I heard her sigh a few times.

With her earrings on .

The "after" inside...loaded with soaps, vintage inspired soap holders, loofas, Farmhouse Fresh products. Can't you see this overflowing with fluffy white towels, old jars full of bath salts, bowls of sponges & loofas, baskets hiding all your stuff you want hidden.

Farmhouse Fresh body products (YUM!!! Love the foot scrubs, the Strawberry Smash and Sweet Cream Body Milk, all of them!) Available in the "Boudoir" shopping area of my website here.

The end of the rainbow is in this cupboard! I should have looked in here on St. Patrick's Day...who knows what I might have found!

Voices in the cupboard (the "voices" from the "Before" post last month convinced me not to paint this gorgeous old gal...she cleaned up well and a coat of wax rubbed all over her loosened her up a bit, now she's looking quite European **more on this below** ...thanks "voices!) voices = those that left comments, emailed me or spoke with me in the store

Now, back to the European comment, below is the setting in which I see this lovely lady spending the rest of her days. She would be very stately, in the corner, unobtrusive but quite the matriarch. This photo is from Paul Massey's website. Able House N8
is located in Crouch End, North London and is available for hire for use as a photographic and film location. Wonder if he would rent it to s for vacations? Who wants to go with me?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's here!

The second issue of Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine! Very limited number, on sale here. I cannot say enough about the images in this magazine...they are so beautiful and inspiring. They are filled with light! All of your favorite things on every page; ironstone, urns, baskets, bottles, mercury glass, painted furniture, garden items inside, statuary, raw wood boxes, old white enamelware, burlap, lavender, wire, linen..ahhh. Okay, I have to go now...back to the one copy I am keeping for myself. (not available in my shop, so I am offering free shipping)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A truckful of fabulous finds...

I arrived home late and the sun is setting so I apologize for the photos. Along with all of our wonderful new spring goods a bunch of new "old" stuff will be making it's way into the shop this week. As always, if you see something in the blog that makes your heart pitter patter and you MUST have it, call the shop at 740.246.BARN or send me an email at CEO-mom@columbus.rr.com
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Egg wreath for sale on-line

Okay everyone, after many emails and inquiries I finally sat down and put the egg wreath on my website for sale here.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pseudacris crucifer...

(Listen...you can hear them too, turn your speakers on.)
Last night I heard them...wasn't sure so I had to step outside on the front porch for a better listen. After the door closed behind me it was silent for a minute or so and then there they were. Faint, not in the pond by my house, somewhere across the fields towards the wetland area but definitely there or should I say here. Yes, they are finally here.

Here in Ohio pseudacris crucifer, or Spring Peepers as we call them, hibernate under logs and loose bark of trees from around October to late February early March. Warm spring rains bring this nocturnal frog out again to search for their mate. Only the males have the ability to make the high pitched peeps that we hear thus earning them their name.

When you have several hundred in a pond it is quite a chorus (or cacophony depending how close your bedroom window is to the pond). But for me it signals spring. While it has been in the 60's and 70's here the last 3 days we are looking at 40's this week...but it's coming, just as the peepers did.

P.S. On Martha's Vineyard spring peepers are referred to as "pinkletinks", in New Brunswick, Canada they are called "tinkletoes", in parts of the southern United States they are sometimes called spring creepers.