Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Country Living 2010

Hey everyone!! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the beginnings of our autumn season. We have just returned from the 5th Annual Country Living magazine fair. WOW...what a weekend!! It's one big Country Living party!! What would the fair be without a little drama? I'm sure you all remember 2008 and that little breeze named Hurricane Ike that blew through on Sunday. These photos are NOT from that year...this is how the fair started out THIS year.
One of Ike's cousins visited us on Wednesday. With tornado sirens blaring we (my parents, me, friend Kimberly, fellow dealer and collector friends Lisa and Scott and their young daughter, who were set up with me) tried to keep our tents from flying into the next county. It quickly became too dangerous to hang on to metal poles with a "kite" attached. I mean let's face it...all that great stuff we hunt down and treasure is really just stuff, and it's replaceable stuff. Everyone on the fairgrounds was soon running for cover and the sanctuary of the church basement is where we found ourselves. When the storm blew over this is what we found, three hours of tent set up down the drain.
But you know us country gals don't let much stop us from what we want to do! We draped everything with tarps and went home determined to start all over on Thursday. We crammed 2 days of set up into one and were almost ready Friday when the early bird fair goers poured in at 8:30 in the morning.
In the chaos of it all we had some minor crises arise; at separate times our register ran out of pennies and ones, the rain on Wednesday damaged our paper rolls for the register but we didn't know until we needed it. Thankfully my dear friend Kathi Bejma of KD Vintage helped me out.
Most of Friday and Saturday the line to pay was very long. While that's wonderful to see as a business owner I can't help but feel anxious when people have to wait that long. Everyone was absolutely wonderful and patient and I thank all of you! I'm thinking next year there will have to be 2 check out areas.

My friend Sherry made these gorgeous bouquets!! Sweet annie, golden rod, wheat stems, sunflowers, hydrangeas...simply a perfect autumn gathering.

These gorgeous pumpkins definitely stole the show. I started out with 57 of them and by 1pm Friday they were gone! More are on the way and should be in the shop next week.
Aren't they beautiful?
Sue Whitney, founder of JUNKMARKET Style stopped by several times. First was to shop for her demonstration 'Setting a Harvest Table' sponsored by Gorilla Glue. Half of what she had packed to be sent to the fair ended up getting shipped to Florida. So she was shopping for items. She snatched up industrial baskets, brown transferware plates, old keys and locks and more. I so wanted to head over to watch her in action but we were just way too busy (a good problem). She came back to show me the cutest napkin rings she made with burlap and the keys she bought from us. Hope to see some pictures on the internet soon!

Now the bad news...these are the only pictures I took. ARGH!! Had my 35mm with me the whole time but it was just too busy and the storm Wednesday put us way behind schedule. So can you help a girl out? Send me your pics from the fair. Would love to do a post with a collection of fair goers pictures.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Discount Advance Ticket Deadline Extended!

Discount advance ticket deadline extended to 9/21!!!
Don't miss out on the savings or a chance to be an early bird.
Admission: One day $15/$12 in advance
Weekend Pass $20/$15 in advance. A Weekend pass in advance is a great deal! Same price as a one day at the door.
Early Bird $35 advance only. Early birds can enter at
8:30 a.m. on Friday and/or Saturday.
Discount advance tickets & Early Bird tickets are available online & by phone until 9/21 and in person at The Ohio Historical Center Museum Shop until 9/23 at 5 p.m.
Tickets are always available fair days at the box office.
Regular parking fees apply. ($5 daily)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Early Danish Christmas Gift!

An early Christmas gift from our Danish friends at Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine!! They have decided to reprint their wonderful Christmas decorating book 'Jul' in English AND in magazine format which brings down the price considerably! The issue will be nothing but content from cover to cover...that's NO ADS! Order one for yourself and maybe one for someone on your Christmas list. ORDER HERE

United we stand - Together we will prevail.

Message to the Sailors and Marines
of the Department of the Navy
from the Honorable Hansford T. Johnson
Acting Secretary of the Navy
In Remembrance of Sept. 11, 2001

Throughout our history, certain images become engrained in our
minds – the flag raising at Iwo Jima; the day President Kennedy
was killed; Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon; President
Reagan telling the Soviets to "tear down this wall."

For all of us, the events of September 11th, 2001 will forever
live in our memories.

We shall never forget the images of planes flying into the World
Trade Center or the smoke rising from the Pentagon. We shall
never forget the courage and compassion of men and women racing
into burning buildings to save the innocent or those heroes who
died in a Pennsylvania field.

The days following the attack brought even more memories.

We shall never forget the image of a boy leaving flowers outside
of the American embassy in Moscow. We shall never forget the
candlelight vigils held in India and Bangladesh.

Thousands of Germans marched at Brandenburg Gate. One hundred
thousand Canadians gathered in Ottawa. Jordanian women gathered
to pray – all sharing in our sorrow.

There is no doubt that the horrific acts of a few were surpassed
by the heroic acts of many. All Sailors, Marines, Soldiers,
Airmen and Coastguardsmen continue to perform daily acts of
heroism in response to the attacks. But the legacy of that
September day lies in the worldwide embrace of freedom that

Today, millions of people from nations around the world stand
united behind one ideal – that the destructive agendas of
radicals shall never eclipse the light of liberty.

Though enemies of freedom hide throughout the world, every day
we and our allies remove more of them from the innocent
populations they infest.

We stand on the front lines of our defense, but we do not stand
alone. Forces from Britain, Poland and many other nations stand
beside us. And the American public stands behind us.

Individual roles continue to change to meet the challenges of
the Global War on Terrorism. But together our purpose remains
the same – to champion the cause of freedom.

Our Commander-in-Chief leads set our course when he said, "We
will not waiver. We will not tire. We will not falter. We
will not fail."

We must never forget legacy of that September day – a world
drawn together in the common cause of freedom and our renewed
devotion to it.

God Bless each of you and your families for your service, your
sacrifice and your commitment to freedom.

May God Continue to Bless the United States of America.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall and Halloween goods are creeping in...

With these cooler temperatures here in Ohio we're all starting to think about fall and Halloween and fluffing our nests with some beautiful, seasonal finds. With that in mind I have started putting out some of our Halloween and autumnal goods.
Oh if my house was large enough this baby would already be there, either in my kitchen or in my living room.
Fragrant, spa quality candles in mouth blown glass.
Some gorgeous washed zinc finished wall sconces that are ready to either be plugged in or hard wired,
Just a few left! Very popular in the store.
I just had to bring one of these lamps home for our living room. It reminds me of old pieces of cast iron fencing.
Aww, sweet little Baby Jane is a little cranky! I think she needs a nap!
Perfect illumination for your Halloween party, these black wax skulls are a fun addition to spooky decor. Toss in a handful of mercury glass votive glasses for a little bling.
Some items transition easily from one setting to another. Like these faux concrete roses, perfect in a garden setting and equally as perfect in a Halloween vignette.
A recent find, stackable, vintage pharmaceutical boxes.
A variety of newsprint signs for that aged & vintaged feel.
The best owl...ever. Two dark gray concrete pumpkins.
Copper glittered web bundles complete with spiders. Leave as they are, tied with raffia or separate them in tuck them into dark, little corners.
I always have a number of frames on hand. Draped with black chenille webs they take on that long, spooky hallway of ghostly photos look.
A child like mirror reflects the 7 foot industrial table/cart.
Black wire baskets

Monday, September 6, 2010

Polly's perfect industrial pair...

(sing to the tune from the Brady Bunch)
Here's a story, of a lovely lady,
who was living with end tables she only "tolerated".
Searching for the perfect pair that eluded her,
She thought they never would be found.

Til the one day that the lady read this blogpost
And she knew it was much more than a hunch
That she might just find what she desired
And so she left a comment for the writer of that post

Okay, that's enough of that, not sure where that came from, but do hop over here and read about Polly's perfect industrial tables.