Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Southern Living? How did you miss this shop???

I want to share with you this darling shop called "The Sand Dollar" that my mom discovered. Of all the cute shops on Anna Maria this one appealed to me the most. While on vacation I visited it three times for my retail therapy. It's full of beautiful things that will delight all your senses. Jewelry (with prices you won't believe!), clothing, shoes, candles, furniture, soaps, art, and coastal decor that's not overtly beachy. Want to visit today? Her website is under the darling name of myyellowshovel.com. While I missed meeting the owner (caught a glimpse of her mom busily arranging) the staff was very kind and helpful. They even let me snap a few pictures for all of you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brought the sunshine with me...

(photo credit - 15 year old Zach Maughmer)

We are back in beautiful Ohio and it looks like the sun has followed us. I wish these guys could too! They DID follow us through the bay on two of our day trips. If you have the opportunity be sure to hitch a ride out to Egmont Key (a beautiful, uninhabited island) with Captain Frank and Captain Hans.

Janet did a wonderful job holding down the fort and also managed to find time to "hunt & gather". She scored LOADS of ironstone, vintage cottage style lamps, a tall, carved dresser and more. She also tells me she has lots of other goodies she is squirreling away for our 3 day show at Bryn Du in Granville. Be sure to check us and 20+ other collectors out in May, click the logo to the right for details.

I have been through 8 different Ohio counties in the last 24 hours and have a truckful of finds parked in my driveway. Some coming in to the shop and others being revamped and restyled for their May debut. I also have been ordering all kinds of new goods. The laid back charm of old Florida has seeped back into my veins and has inspired several of the orders in addition to a desire to redecorate my whole house! Now where is that husband of mine..."Honey? Do you feel like painting the living room this weekend? Honey? Hello?? Do I smell fresh cut limes? Hmmm..."
(photo collage from "A beach cottage" blog...not Florida but Australia, very inspiring...be sure to visit for some wonderful photos of her beach cottage makeovers and more")

Monday, April 20, 2009

extra Jeanne d' Arc Living issues available...

Good news! I was able to order a few more copies of the 2nd issue of Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine! If you missed out on ordering one of these last month now is your chance. I have exactly 18 so hurry and grab your now. If you are not familiar with this magazine see my blog post from March 19th here.
Order the magazine here and I will ship it to you free!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blogging from the beach. . .

I am on the lovely Anna Maria Island in Florida's gulf right now. My parents have been coming here for about 9 years now and they seem to be darn close to moving here!
I haven't seen much in the way of great shops. As expected all are pretty devoted to the tourist crowd. You can buy anything with a shell or dolphin on it! I have seen one or two that might be good hunting grounds depending on prices. Yesterday I saw a McCoy vase for $57...not a rare or uncommon one.
(This is the MOON setting in the gulf the morning of April 9th.)

Does Anna Maria Island sound familiar? Recently the island was featured in Southern Living magazine. The crowds are a little larger than usual because of the article and also because of the Easter weekend. The other night we had a 2 hour wait for carry out from the local barbeque haunt "Mr. Bones". But it was worth it...we were glad to wait. Makes me think "Recession? What recession?". I'll take it as a glimmer of hope for small businesses everywhere!
(My daughter Grace and I created this sunbathing mermaid on the beach at Bean Point.)
I have had one BIG find that you can read about on David McRee's blog titled Blog the Beach. I am now keeping a bottle of vinegar in my beach tote.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A fabulous find...made even more fabulous

I picked up this old lidded storage box recently at an auction. I love the inset panels but overall it's a little too primitive for my taste. I knew I wanted to do something to it but couldn't put my finger on what.
I love the original writing on it (Clawson & Wilson was a wholesale dry goods store in Cleveland in the early 1900's) but it wasn't crisp enough to leave as is and be decorative.
So inspired by the writing on the box and the recent Jeanne d' Arc magazine I went to my folder of magazine tears (do you have one of these?) and pulled out one of my favorites. This photo is from Caroline Verschoor's country home near Leesburg, Virginia, which was featured in the May 2007 issue of Country Home. I have always loved this chair.
I see them everywhere but I can never find the right feed sack now matter how many hours I spend searching auctions or online. You know the ones...fantastic graphics, fonts and colors (without farm animals) but you won't have to give up an arm, leg or your first born to bring it home? So I decided to make my own. I took a piece of scrap linen and cut it to fit the inset panel of the box. Then I penciled on the letters taking liberty to drop a few so that it fit the square. Then I filled them in with a black Sharpie. Next time I think I will use a gray or brown to better mimic the fading of the ink on the aged feedsack. Then I sprayed the inset panel with adhesive and pressed the fabric in place with my hands, lifting and smoothing as necessary.
After a coat of paint I like to call "a little coffee in your cream ma'am?" a new life has begun!
I was going to take this into the store to sell it, but.........I like the way it looks at the end of our sofa. What is inspiring you right now?