Monday, September 28, 2009

My angelic family and friends.

I would be remiss if I did not mention and thank everyone who helped pull off our weekend at the CL Fair. All of them are truly angels in their own right and I am more than blessed to have them as family and friends.
Seen here is Kimberly, a kindred spirit on many levels, who graciously volunteered her truck, her trailer AND her time for the entire five days. Thanks also to her husband and beautiful girls for giving her up to me for so long. Thank you all! I owe you some mucking time!
This is Lisa Marton, one of two selected to sell her fabulous finds at urban farmhouse. If you want the unusual, rare, funky, amazing finds you better be at the store weekly to check out her one of a kind finds. I am not kidding when I tell you most of her truly phenomenal finds last 1-2 days at the store before they are snatched up. Just last week she brought in a vintage round, copper birdcage with an aged and bleached wood crown cap. It was snatched up within hours of it's arrival. Lisa is also the one that snaps me out of my myopic display mode to say "Hello?? Anyone home? Do you realize the VP for Brand Development of Hearst Publishing is trying to buy something and you told her no credit cards?" sigh...

The one picture I was able to snap of the talented and generous artist Pat Warthen. Honest to goodness I think Pat knows every 3rd person that comes along. As most of you already know she is an amazing painter and an even more amazing person, giving of her time to just about everyone she knows. Thank you Pat for helping keep my sugar up with the cookies!
My mom, Connie, on the right. God bless her she was with me from the first tent design convo until the last box was loaded on a trailer to come home. As much fun as it is it's also sooooooo much work. My mom hung in there for the whole ride and then some. Couldn't do it without her. Thanks to Dad too for taking us out to eat every night! One of my favorite parts of the whole weekend! Spending time with my parents at Wing's...priceless.
Kimberly hard at work again.
My AMAZING husband with the patience of Job. Perry wears a lot of hats with me and my venture; business coach & advisor, accountant & financial planner, and then the not so fun lifting, delivering, moving, painting etc. Can't thank you enough. Thanks also to Jethro One (Zane) and Jethro Two (Zach) for loading and unloading the trailers. I know at 18 and 15 there are other things you would rather be doing than helping ol' mom. Thanks for smiling and laughing while you did it.
Just for fun here's a picture of the shop on Monday after the the echo?)

Lots of others to thank too; My in-laws, Toni at Schubert Nursery, Comptoir de Famille, Debbi and Rusty for uncovering some amazing finds, Mr. Ridenour for the flatbed trailer and tent arrangements.

And the winner is........

Comptoir de Famille, one of my suppliers who was also featured in the September 2009 issue of Country Living, generously provided this lovely, overloaded basket full of goodies to me for a giveaway during the Country Living Fair. Comptoir offers a lovely collection of home decor, accessories, and furniture inspired by the French Countryside. Last night a random name was chosen and the winner is Kelly from Parma Heights, Ohio!!!
Congratulations Kelly and thank you Comptoir de Famille!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Findings from Summerhouse at the CL Fair...

Okay, I admit it. I am THE most disorganized, "woulda, shoulda, coulda", "if it weren't for last minute I wouldn't get anything done", kind of thinker/doer. Sometimes it works out great and a phenomenal idea will come to me just when I am about to throw in the towel while thinking "I'm clueless...I can't think of anything". To prove this point the player piano rolls/mini vintage milk bottles/parchment roses/sea fans on my tent at the fair. A bit of a last minute collaboration of textures, etc. Imagine my surprise and subsequent joy when I unrolled the 3rd roll and found the lyrics were down the side, beautiful! Why I have not seen this before?

But...sometimes (and honestly more often than not) my spinning of many plates at once causes me to drop a few. For example...Joanna's Findings bracelets from Summerhouse (for those of you who attended the 2009 Country Living Fair she was in Tent 4). thats her behind her sign, busy wrapping up a purchase

Last year I oohed and aahed over her creations, absolutely loved them!!! I asked her for information on how to sell them in my shop so that I could share her masterpieces with you, she very professionally mailed me a typed wholesale terms package. Then I dropped a plate. The package is on my desk, which most days I can't get to because of various piles and projects blocking my path (very UNprofessional of me). To top that I left the fair without buying for the store!!! Okay, for 2008 I have an excuse, it was a wee bit windy on Sunday which caused some chaos. But, alas, did the same thing again this year! No excuse except exhaustion.
(I am the proud owner & wearer of the bottom bracelet!)

However, I did pick out one of her bracelets for myself...a lovely, chunky marriage of texture(glass/metal/lucite), with one of a kind trinkets mixed into the collage. The 2 that caught my eye were a mini shell whose edges have been dipped in gold and a round charm that says "genuine".

I'm sure it's that way for all the lucky owners of a Findings creation...particular elements of a piece caught their eye or "spoke" to them. Whether it conjured up a fond memory (the shell for me) or is a quite, simple reminder about how someone wants to be in life ("genuine") a Findings bracelet is more than an accessory for an outfit. It's a snapshot of a special moment, thought or idea that wraps around your wrist.

Thank you Joanne for sharing your creations with us. They are a true joy! Attention Urban Farmhouse shoppers...Findings creations will be arriving soon...what an awesome Christmas present! Find more about Joanna (and her mom Kathe), her shop Summerhouse and her Findings creations in this months Better Homes & Gardens.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shop closed this week...see us at 42 Main Street in the historic Ohio Village!

If you go to just one show this year...this should be the one.

Country Living Fair 2009
September 18-19-20
For more information click here

To revisit last year please swing by my blog posts from September 2008, remember this?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thornville Farmer's Market

photo courtesy of Flickr If you haven't been have a few more Saturdays to get there. The Thornville Farmer's Market, adjacent to the firehouse, is open every Saturday from 9am until noon or a wee bit earlier if the goods are gone. Make sure you pick up some of Shellee's homemade basil pesto sauce. I've almost finished my jar and have savored every bite. Tonight I tossed a large spoonful with chunks of homegrown tomato, baby buffalo mozzarella, a chiffonade of basil leaves and a sprinkling of sea salt. Only one spoonful remains. to enjoy the last one? Before I buy another jar...or three. She mentioned it was in the air to start baking bread too. Think she'd notice if I camped out in her backyard?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The countdown begins...

Don’t miss the 2009 Country Living Fair! Back in Columbus,Ohio again!

Tickets are always available during the Fair at the box office but DISCOUNT advance
tickets and EARLY BIRD tickets are only available until September 14! For as little as $15 for a weekend pass - you get 3 days of shopping, learning and activities.

Check out a list of guest and presentations here. Exhibitor list here.

Click here to purchase discount advance tickets online or call 1-866-500-FAIR.

Here's a few attendee comments from the 2008 Country Living Fair at Ohio Village:

My mom and I attended the Country Living Fair, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!
Came all the way from Wisconsin. It was well worth the 12 hr. trip.

Loved the location, setting- came from upstate NY and loved all of it!

CLICK HERE to read more.

Fair Hours: September 18-19-20 - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Rain or Shine!
Most exhibits under cover in buildings and tents.
Location: Ohio Village at the Ohio Historical Center, 1982 Velma Rd.,
I-71 at Exit 111 (17th Avenue), Columbus Ohio. Across from the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

One day $12 door/$10 advance*
Weekend Pass $20 door/ $15 advance*
Early Bird Weekend Pass $30 advance only.*
Enter Friday and/or Saturday at 9 a.m. and beat the crowds!

Fair special subscriptions $5, if purchased with a ticket or at the fair. There will be many locations at the Fair to purchase a special subscription. Bring your address list, makes a great gift! (can be used to extend a current subscription too)

*Regular Parking Fees apply - $5 per day per car

Lodging: Click here to download a 2009 list of some nearby lodging.
Use the list as a guide. There is literally tons of reasonably priced lodging near the fair including four hotels that have set aside a block of rooms for Country Living Fair at a special rate: Extended Stay Deluxe, Ramada Plaza, Hyatt Capitol Square and Holiday Inn Express. Country Inns & Suites are offering a special Country Living Fair 15% discount in all of their 6 hotels in the Columbus area.
Details on lodging list.

It's going to be great! Fair info @

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One of my favorite things...and the industrial rage!

Just had to share this photo. Snapped it 15 minutes ago while standing in my kitchen. Our back door is open and the most wonderful breeze filled the curtain blowing it into the dining room. One of my all time favorites on my Top 10 Simple Pleasures list...I absolutely love seeing gauzy curtains fluttering in a summer window. I'm sure it's a memory from my childhood, it always gives me the warm and fuzzies. Below is an evolution of one piece on the inventory list for Country Living. I have 5 of these to finish! (You'll have to telt your head to the left for the first one.)

This is after degreasing and power washing.

In the middle of applying "burnished bronze".

These are quite a find. A hundred uses!! What would YOU do with them?