Friday, October 29, 2010

Mark your calendar!

Our Christmas Gathering is right around the corner!

Thursday, November 11, 6pm-9pm
Friday, November 12, 10am-5pm
Saturday, November 13, 10am-5pm
Sunday, November 14, Noon-4pm

Please note we will be closed Wednesday and Thursday (until 6pm) while we prepare the shop for you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A quickie...

Just wanted to quickly share this 'before and after' with you. Pictured above is a huge soapstone sink I had sitting in my backyard for close to a year. I had every intention of doing something with it but just didn't know what or where. Rather than letting it sit there much longer I sold it to my friend Rusty. I think it sat at his house for several more months. He had an awesome plan for it in a mudroom with lots of windows, industrial hanging pendant lamps, wire baskets, etc. But we all fall victim to that lengthy list of projects and some of them get 'ixnayed' so that other ideas may take flight. So Rusty sold the sink to our mutual friend Page.

Last Saturday night, while attending an outdoor Halloween party at Page's farm, I needed to powder my nose. Page has a number of old outbuildings that she has artfully renovated into new spaces and so I headed for the closest one, if I remember right this one used to be the milking house...not sure. I nearly gasped out loud when I walked in to the bathroom. There it was, that big, beautiful old sink with new life breathed into it. Stunning. This gorgeous bathroom also has an old cupboard nestled perfectly into an alcove (which I failed to get a picture of). Isn't the sink just gorgeous?

Sorry about the quality of the picture, never dreamed I would be at a party snapping a picture in the bathroom so I only had my phone. But I just had to share this with you all! After I left the room I promptly returned, dragging my husband back to show him...he's just happy he doesn't have to weed whip around it anymore.
Here are some random photos I took of Page's place last year, enjoy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

urban farmhouse on JUNK MARKET Style...

One of the Queens of repurposing & recreating...Sue Whitney, shopped urban farmhouse at the Ohio Country Living magazine fair last month to find items to use for her demonstration. She blogged about our tent on her website JUNK MARKET Style. I couldn't agree more with her that one of the best things about the fair is meeting new people and making new friends. (Which I had the pleasure of doing for three solid days thanks to ALL of you!!) And now I include Sue on that list. If you are new to her blog and website settle in with a cup of coffee or're sure to be amazed! It is chock full of creative and talented contributors from all over the country!

Oh yeah...she posted about her visit to our tent!!!! Thanks Sue!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Whats in store...more more MORE!

Just arrived today (10/13) and I don't know about you but this could stay out all year long at my house!

A fresh batch of all kinds of ruffled scarves have just arrived in velvet, velvet & taffeta and a soft bubble knit ruffle with fringe. I couldn't decide so I just had to have one in each color for my fall wardrobe! Makes a wonderful gift too...see them all here.

Set of six nesting metal book boxes (LOVE these!!) Baroque pearl necklace, yum!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More from the Country Living Fair, Columbus, Ohio

Some more photos from this year's fair. Friend (and fellow finder of fabulous things) Lisa Marton shares the tent space with me and these are her photos. She's urban farmhouse's resident pottery and glassware expert. You can always find fantastic pieces in her space at the shop. Just check out some of her amazing finds below! Stay tuned...going to post pictures tomorrow of the shop including Lisa Marton's new old finds.