Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some uber cool finds...gearing up for the Country Living Magazine Fair in Columbus, Ohio

Things are in full swing here while I gear up inventory (and myself) for the Country Living Magazine Fair. Here's a sneak peek at two signature urban farmhouse style items I'm bringing.
Will I see you there?

Who doesn't love a farm table? Especially one that is AMAZING as this one? At some point in her life the poor dear had been painted an ugly high gloss brown and yellow. So I had er stripped back to her raw beauty.

The top is tongue and groove. On the left is raw and on the right is with a coat of hand rubbed clear wax.

The edge of the table was finished with mitered one inch half round. There was only one original piece left so I cut four new pieces and nailed them on. My Granddad, who was a finish carpenter, would be very proud. When I walk in any lumber yard he is the first thought in my head. Lumber yards smell just like him or is it vice versa?

You all know me and my affinity for urns. I stumbled on this gorgeous pair of monumental Kramer Brothers Floral No. 1 just in time for the fair. If you were me what would you fill them with for the fair? I'm going very simple and classic and making a giant moss ball for each one. Like the one in the last picture which is from Better Homes & Gardens. That way the urn will be the focal point rather than the arrangement.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Refluffed with new stuff

Spent two hours resetting my space at Grandview Mercantile yesterday. Here's a few pictures for you to peruse. Happy Wednesday!