Monday, May 31, 2010

All gave some and some gave all

Would you live each day differently if you watched a video like this before you even had your first cup of coffee? We remember those who gave some and those who gave all on Memorial Day but we should remember every day. Is it not our obligation? Today and every day, we honor and thank you. (((looking back at last year's Memorial Day post and the picture I was fortunate to take of two vets from our town, it's real, and very touching)))

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's 4:23am......we're are you antiquing today?

And we're off to WAYNESVILLE!!! Packed the trailers and trucks last night, stopping for coffee, bags of ice and water (record temps off 88+ expected today) and then hitting the road. All the antique shops will be open plus 40 some vendors set up in the streets and we're one of them! We will be in front of our dear friends' Betty and Don's American Pie antiques shop. Plan your Sunday accordingly! ;-) I'll bring back plenty of pictures too and hopefully an empty trailer. Hope to see you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Boxwood cake

May's Jeanne d' Arc Living has arrived!! You will to wait for your copy to see the boxwood beautiful! You can make one too! The first round of boxes arrived this afternoon. I am busy wrapping and tying and they will start making their way to you beginning tomorrow. If you haven't reserved yours I have 5 unspoken for copies and you can order one here. Enjoy a few of the pages below.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bryn Du

Yes, the Bryn Du mansion is beautiful. Originally built in 1865 as an Italiante style villa from sandstone quarried on the property it was renovated some 40 years later into a Georgian-Federal style design. However, I am quite stricken with this gorgeous little gem. This is the laundry house or laundry cottage.

I know you are all thinking "wow, doing laundry there would actually be enjoyable" if that is possible. But I could go a few steps further with this house. I am quite certain I could live here. Wouldn't you love to spend evenings here? Oh my!
John Sutphin Jones who purchased the property in 1905 named the estate "Bryn Du", Welsh for Dark Hills. I couldn't drag myself away from the Laundry House long enough to look for his inspiration for the name...after I move in there will be many long walks so I'll have time to look then. ;-)

This is a photo I took of the back room of the house. This is where the ironing was done. The room is open to the second story where the windows would have been opened wide for the steam to escape.

Rolls and bundles of grocery receipts are so sweet and add texture and charm. A new addition to the store: in the trug on the right, white tea towels embellished with some fun graphics of chandeliers, birds, and champagne labels. Made by Sheila at Tattered Goods.

A rare find! A GORGEOUS pair of 18th century European prickett sticks (altar candlesticks).
Oo la la!! A gorgeous !!!! vintage vanity in faded French blue paint with impeccable caning, sconces and foot rest. This is a piece to design a room around!

A stack of doors in their original crackled gray paint and a new gray tremeau mirror.