Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What the Flock?

Just a sampling of the rolls of vintage flocked wallpaper we have. Aren't they gorgeous? If you are intersted in some (or all) email me at urbanfarmhouse@gmail.com

For some history and background on flocked wallpaper check out this website.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday, dreaming of Texas

"Hey y'all!" It's a lazy Sunday here at at our house. After stirring up a big pot of homemade chicken and noodles I am now sitting on the couch visiting blogs and dreaming of Texas. Blogger and Creative Diva Extraordinaire Heather Bullard left today for Antiques Week in Texas and has invited us along via Twitter. You can follow along here. So who has been and what was your best find?

Sorry I have been absent lately. Tax season is upon me. I am not exactly what you would call organized in anyway shape or form. My receipts are scattered between my house, the store, several purses, my truck. It's like hide & seek come March, with me being a very frantic seeker. I dream of an office like Deb's of Curious Sofa. Scroll down through her blog to see photos. My office looks more like a future candidate for that hoarders reality show (not dirty...just FULL of stuff!!)

Here are a few pictures of the shop before our Spring Open House. Working on a costume change on the shop too, finishing up the back wall now, trying for that romantic, abandoned farmhouse look. Still working on it

Also, scored a ton of vintage wallpaper recently, lots of it flocked. Look for pictures of it soon and email me if you are interested in buying some. urbanfarmhouse@gmail.com

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You Are Cordially Invited!

to attend a Spring Gathering at urban farmhouse
to celebrate the change of season...FINALLY! Sweets spring treats and libations will be served. So exciting...SPRING!!! Just for this first week of the vernal equinox we will offer special prices of 20-50% off selected pieces of furniture and our Spring Tidings collection!!

WEDNESDAY, March 24 10am - 5pm
THURSDAY, March 25th 10am - 8pm
(open late Thursday evening)
FRIDAY, March 26th 10am - 5pm
SATURDAY, March 27th 10am - 5pm

Don't miss this! Kasey of Lola B on Houzz

I receive emails from Houzz. Usually they are a quick skim for me, just a little too contemporary for me. What a pleasant surprise today! Kasey from Lola B's! Kasey's Illinois home is featured here. Enjoy! I did! Thanks Kasey and Houzz.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March madness for great finds!

Ruffled chair slip covers $179 each, French glass jug $295, architectural piece sold
fantastic antique shelf clock $150
vintage lady figurine with gorgeous lace accents $70
Artemis, goddess of hunting, cast iron figural piece from a Victorian fence $70
working Mora wall clock replica $150, set of five vintage chairs $150, zinc finish lamp $74, spring wreath with nest of eggs $15
3 story bird cages $140, faux concrete handled nest basket with bird $19
a real and vintage embellished egg - $15/SOLD
lovely silver bucket with lion head handles
vintage McCoy tea and sugar canisters
beautiful old aqua bowl
vintage postal scale $39, pottery frog sold
vintage decorated box of monogrammed "S" silverware $49, personal favorite: wire work shelf $86
one of two hanging cherubs $110 each, one of a pair of cast iron wall pieces $50
darling vintage lamp shade
vintage McCoy vinegar cruet
vintage seaport ephemera inspired graphic pillows, now $20 each
love these...carved souvenir sandals circa early 1940's from World War 2
cast iron chimney sweep fireback $35, floral crown $50 see our zinc one here

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decisions, decisions...keep or sell?

Oh boy...this one is tough to take in the shop and not my dining room!! Last month I found some gorgeous, chunky porch pillars and knew immediately they needed to have a new purpose in life. Lucky for me (and most serendipitous!) my friend and fellow dealer from The Red Chair in Grandview stopped in the store the same week. (By the way, if you have not been in her store on 5th Avenue do stop in, she has some wonderful finds.) Nancy happened to tell me her husband Richard makes fabulous tables, long story short, the table below was born out of that discussion.

Richard found the perfect top, a 100 year old barn door. The patina is stunning! To round out the table top and match the scale of the legs Richard added bread boards to the ends of the table. Old barn wood siding has used to create the skirt.

Isn't she beautiful! Look at those legs! They are about 20 inches around! She's not quite finished. I will seal the table with a clear coat but since I lack a workshop the table is front and center in the window. Thank you Richard!! Some lucky family thanks you too.

This BIG boy's "daddy", Richard, made this exquisite table.

He soon grew tired of our design ramblings and dozed off. What's on his head? Looks like "Candied Apple Red" lipstick! "Mom" Nancy gave him a kiss before he went out on his daily travels!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Meet Monsieur Le Plume!

New resident at the shop. His roommate, Wolfgang, is a little camera shy, but not Monsieur Le Plume! He found his way out of the 3-story cage to have his picture taken! He took a special liking to our mercury glass swallows. With 14 foot ceilings I soon gave up trying to catch him. My aunt always told me the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...well, it works for zebra finches too, thankfully. With a stem of fresh millet in his home and the door wide open (with Wolfgang safely partitioned off from the ground floor of the cage) Monsieur Le Plume found his treat while I silently shut and locked the door behind him ;-). Stop by and see them soon.