Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pseudacris crucifer...

( can hear them too, turn your speakers on.)
Last night I heard them...wasn't sure so I had to step outside on the front porch for a better listen. After the door closed behind me it was silent for a minute or so and then there they were. Faint, not in the pond by my house, somewhere across the fields towards the wetland area but definitely there or should I say here. Yes, they are finally here.

Here in Ohio pseudacris crucifer, or Spring Peepers as we call them, hibernate under logs and loose bark of trees from around October to late February early March. Warm spring rains bring this nocturnal frog out again to search for their mate. Only the males have the ability to make the high pitched peeps that we hear thus earning them their name.

When you have several hundred in a pond it is quite a chorus (or cacophony depending how close your bedroom window is to the pond). But for me it signals spring. While it has been in the 60's and 70's here the last 3 days we are looking at 40's this week...but it's coming, just as the peepers did.

P.S. On Martha's Vineyard spring peepers are referred to as "pinkletinks", in New Brunswick, Canada they are called "tinkletoes", in parts of the southern United States they are sometimes called spring creepers.


donna baker said...

I've heard the spring peepers too - in Oklahoma. I also saw the head and eyes of a bullfrog pop up in my goldfish pond. Unlike the peepers, they are the foghorns at night.

A Wild Thing said...

I haven't heard any frogs yet, but always anxiously await the tree frogs, then I know summer is truly here!

Invited In said...

I was on one of my favorite blogs today, a soft place to land, and your blog was featured on hers. Too cool!!
You may not remember me, but I was in your shop a few weeks ago with my sister, Amie. She is your neighbor. Looking forward to visiting your shop again.
I am going to post a few pictures from your shop from when I was there last. If you want to view them you will have to visit my new blog,

Unknown said...

OK! HAHAHAHAH!! I just have to say that I was scrolling through and then all the frog sounds started. It's dark and quiet in my house...going on 11pm....I about jumped out of my seat. too funny. The "sounds" didn't start for about 30 seconds after I was reading. HA! too funny! had to share!
Vintage Lily

It' an Evolution said...

Oh I can't wait for our frogs to start singing. We just hit the deep freeze again...18 degrees today in the Chicagoland area...I need spring.