Friday, October 23, 2009

Les Confitures à l’Ancienne (huh?)

It seems no matter what you say with a French accent it sounds good right? Well translate the above to English and it's just as good..."The jams of the old one". They are a new item I will be carrying for the holidays. When gearing up for a season opener (holiday open house) lots of products (new, vintage & antique finds)are squirreled away until the "big reveal" night. Oh but ladies and gents, I cannot contain my excitement for these delicious finds and there's no way I can bring myself to hold them until the November 12th weekend! I am a foodie to the core and these are oh so yummy! All natural, old fashioned French jams, cooked in copper basins with whole selected fruits, cane sugar and lemon juice. Coco Passion, Pear Vanilla, Red Currant Raspberry and Chestnut Cream just to name a few.

After watching my daughter in the marching band this evening (poor the POURING rain) we came home wanting to dry off and warm up quickly! Mugs of hot spiced cider and plates of crusty, buttery toast would have done the trick...but...a slathering of chestnut cream jam topped with delicate slices of brie would do the job even better, and did it ever! A decadent treat on a rainy Friday evening. Can't wait for morning coffee and dressed up English muffins!

Lots of other goodies arrived this week too like cranberries cooked in wine, perfect served with roasts or hearty winter fare, pumpkin cake, cranberry orange bread mix and the BEST cider mulling spices. Stop in for a sample and take home a bag full! Perfect for watching the game whether in the "shoe" or on your couch. Also, 20% off all Halloween goods is going on now!! What are you waiting for?


Lettered Cottage said...

Oh my goodness! Your post made me HUNGRY. What a well-written little gem to stumble onto this chilly Fall morning!



Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Lisa....Oh wow! Those jams sound delicious! The way you described them I could almost taste them! I am going to try and get in there to check out your sale and for your holiday open house!~Patti

kath@retromantic antiques said...

Numm. I wish I was close so I could come shop and nibble.

Unknown said...

Brie and bread is my favorite snack! Sometimes with a bit of strawberry jam,on top! Yum!