Sunday, December 6, 2009

Needing your feedback...

Thursday morning, still groggy and barely awake I received an email from a fellow shop owner who loves and carries the Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine and products. I opened her email very curious to find out what she had to say. I was a bit confused because she was asking me what I felt about the email from JdL and how were my customers going to take this, etc. I inquired as to what email she was referring to as I had not received anything. She forwarded the original JdL email to me (with my name clearly in the address line, apparently my server bounced the email to me). So I began reading the news with my mouth hanging open saying "oh no, oh no, oh no".
December 3rd 2009

Dear customer

We regret to inform you that we unfortunately no longer will be able to sell our products to customers in United States of America.

Thank you for understanding and showing interest in Jeanne d´Arc Living.

Kindest but regretful regards.
The JdL staff
There were more details in their email regarding their decision and how it relates to dealing with customs and the cost prohibitive freight fees for shipping to the U.S. While I have not yet ordered and offered their goods it has always been something I had hoped I could bring you in the near future. I know it was a very hard decision for them to make as they enjoyed bringing their beautiful publication to us as much as we enjoyed devouring each and every beautiful page. Their decision takes effect immediately on all products (for now) with the possible exception of the magazine. However, shipping the magazine won't be without it's own changes as well. Mainly, the price. My costs as a supplier will go up quite a bit which of course means the end price will go up too.

So now the decision as to what to do going into 2010. After trading a few emails with my fellow JdL lover (and "stockist" of JdL products, Ruth Harsham of The Beautiful Life) she suggested asking our customers what they thought and if they want us to continue bringing to them.

So here it is...if we continue to bring the magazine to the states current estimates on the price of each issue will be approximately $35. There will be 8 issues in 2010 (there were 6 in 2009) and all issues will be in English. So what do YOU think? Would you still want this gorgeous publication available to you? Please leave me your honest comments. Your feedback is VERY important to me and will help me determine my plans going forward.

Also...the current issue, for the first time ever, reflects a
U.S. price of $17.00. That is an error! Shopkeepers across the country who stock the magazine were all fairly shocked to see that price, since we can assure you,
it doesn't cost much less than that for US to get it here, so PLEASE know that the $17.00 price is not an accurate rate of conversion for the magazine and is not an accurate "MSRP" for it. We all have been in contact with our dear friends at JdL about that and future issues should have that corrected.

The January issue is being printed now and it's time for me to reserve copies for us. The release date is January 15th. So please leave me your comments, I anxiously await them!

(For those of you who don't have one yet I have about 14 copies of the Christmas issue left, you can order one (and other goods) by clicking here.)


Anonymous said...

Oh. No!

Yes, please, I will pay $35.00 an issue of JdL. It's one of the most interesting magazines I've ever seen and I adore the photos. I get tons of ideas from JdL, and now that I'm understand :)

So count me in...please...


Sweet Old Vintage said...

I just had my first issue of the magazine for Christmas and truly love it but I will not pay 35.00 for it.... I hesitiated at the price I paid... My SS doesn't allow me to do this...... Blessings

Anonymous said...

I ordered the very first magazine and $25 was about my limit. So I don't think I would order it for $35.
--Vicki K.

Dianne Winters said...

I love, love this magazine. The Christmas issue is my second one and I savor it in small bites each night. I would pay $35 for it. I'll pass up food...well, maybe!!!
It gives me so many ideas for my shop.

Anonymous said...

I have not yet looked at my christmas issue but I have enjoyed the other 2 that I have gotten. I would like to say that I would buy the magazine for 35.00.


Anonymous said...

yes yes yes I still want the magazine

Anonymous said...

Just bought the Christmas magazine, and although I liked it very much I would not pay $35 for it.

Anonymous said...

I received my first copy of the magazine a few weeks ago. What fun I had reading it. With each page I turned it felt like unwrapping a Christmas gift. I have to say though, it was a bit of a tease seeing the beautiful items offered for sale and not being able to purchase them. I'd like to see that change!!
I will continue to purchase the magazine even with the new price tag.
Counting Sheep Antiques

urban farmhouse Ohio said...

Everyone, thank you so much for taking the time during this busy season to leave me a comment. I do appreciate it. For those of you who have been teased by the products offered by JdL you may still be able to buy some. Ruth at has a few goodies available from her last order. We're hearing that the good folks at JdL are already having conversations with potential distributors for their products here in the states. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this is just a brief little hiccup. Thank you again. Don't you just LOVE the Christmas issue? Where do we find trees like these? I want one on every table!

urban farmhouse Ohio said...

Has anyone made the Glogg yet? Sounds soooooo yummy.

Anonymous said...

I read the blog-obviously not pleased with the almost 50% increase in price. I truly love the magazine but would really have to think long and hard if I am willing to pay $35 for it. Thank you for asking my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, charge more for the magazine!!!!! I WILL pay $35.00 an issue of JdL. AND thank you for providing all of us with the opportunity to receive it!


creekside rummager said...

The Christmas issue was my 1st and I love it. But right after I ordered it I realized it was available locally at a shop I frequent for a little less due to its not being mailed out, of course. So, in the future, I'd probably check out the issue and decide at the time if I was going to purchase it or not for the increased price. But that would be buying it locally. Thank you for all you are doing regarding JdL.

Rita said...

First I want to say thank you for sending all my issues so promptly! Your question is a tough one. I have 5 issues so far, and they are more beautiful than any publication I've seen. Still, the many similarities between each issue make me hesitate before paying $35 for another. I think, for now, I would have to say no to getting every issue but I might get an occasional one as a treat.

Unknown said...

Thanks for adding this string of honest feedback available for viewing. We carry the magazines in our shop and struggle with the same concerns...its still a toss up. Good Luck with your decision. Sandy

Anne V. Moore said...

I love love loved it. I would pay $35 for it.

Danielle said...

I would have to say no. Although it is a great and wonderful magazine, I can not comfortably say that $35 warrants the splurge. Then with items not available to the US, I have to say No.

Unknown said...

Just received my first issue and so lovely. I agree with most that it would be that I would order it from time to time, not on a regular basis. Yes, also, it would be great to order their items in the USA! The Christmas issue I ordered from you just received and wondering if they are all similar . Sounds like a 50% vote??????????

blessings said...

I was just posting about this wonderful magazine. I really love the holiday issue and I'd pay the extra because it's the only one of it's kind. I take my time with each one and relish each little bit so I think it's worth it. Mr. Blessing might disagree but I over-rule on this one because it spurs creativity (in me at least).

Have a beautiful & blessed holiday!

Blessings... Polly