Thursday, June 3, 2010

New arrivals. . .

Vintage patriotic horn, fleur de lys embossed tumbler candles in a myriad of aged mercury glass finishes and fantastic scents such as red currant, honeysuckle, prarie grasslands, rainbarrel and more, 14.95 each

fresh maiden hair ferns, 8.00 each and a great industrial piece turned table, $145

hard to find architectural church windows and I have all the trim to go with them, would look great in a greenhouse or a fabulous show piece - SOLD

vintage French caned vanity with double electrified sconces, $895 darling blue velvet boudoir chair, $95 and a vintage French bowed glass one door vitrine, $695 all are stunning pieces

stone garden cherubs encircle this mirror, a new piece $108.95

"Music" cupboard (with doors, $595) full of goods

Vintage garden tea cart (or bar), hard to find daisy design, $139

Vintaged European look panels for propping or hanging, 74.95 each

Cast iron farm sign $29

There are a trio of these bad boys. Standing 5 foot 10.5 inches tall these new iron framed mirrors look lovely propped in a corner to bounce light all over your rooms (there were four but one is in the corner of my living room now), $194.95 each

Vintage black & white harbor prints, $22 each, fish candles (18.95 for a set of 3) and our stoneware diver girls 19.95

Screen printed tin fish, 2 sizes (9.95 each) bundles of shore grass (9.95 each)

Vintage piano roll and fishies

Vintage wicker planter with it's priginal tin liner, $48 it's full of old player piano rolls, 2.00 each, chandelier $175 (is currently at lamp hospital for all new wiring)

Tin tray with screen printed vintage lake ephemera 22.95

Vintage coral ($24) under a gorgeous new bell shaped cloche ($68.95), all top a perfectly patinaed vintage footed plateau mirror

French bulldog (Le Woof!) pillow, $29.95 on the BEST vintage wicker rocker circa 1920, $145

Box full of cast iron tub and stove legs, make great book ends and door stops (reduce, reuse, REPURPOSE!)

Bathing beauties pillows 32.95


Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...


Sheila said...

OMGOODNESS! I am in LOVE with the locker door turned table.Ihope you have some great plans for the weekend.


Beth R said...

LOVE the bathing beauties pillow and it would be smashing, just smashing in the den. I have a feelings I'll be seeing you Saturday! Gotta pay for that blog plug! ;)

Simple Daisy said...

What fabulous finds!!!!
Love it all:)
Especially the fish....too cute!

Brandon Woline said...

Great stuff!! How much is the chandilier under the wicker planter?

Anonymous said...

OK...I'm drooling over too many things to mention!!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
Jo ~ :)

GBPackergirl said...

I have just recently found a whole set of cast iron bathtub feet just like those in the picture! Are they worth any significant amount of money? They were going to be thrown in the dump but I wanted to see if they were valuable so I saved them..

urban farmhouse Ohio said...

I sell them for $5 each, for bookends, etc. More of an aesthetic value.