Friday, February 15, 2013

We're Here in Tennessee!!

Hey y'all!! We made it! Arrived Tuesday evening after a side trip to Lexington. Part of my heart attends school there so any excuse I get to see him :-). After crossing over the Ohio River into Kentucky I went straight to see one of my chitlin's.

 I took him to lunch at deSha's in downtown Lexington.

 He and I filled up on fancy shrimp and grits, jambalaya, cheesecake and bread pudding. Do you know how hard it is to drive after eating that? Food coma city!
Here is the space just after I started unloading the trailer and truck.
I arrived after several vendors had already set up so my trailer was in close quarters. I was actually opening and closing the door to my truck for 2 hours within 8 inches of a shelf with heirloom salt glazed pitchers..triple digit pitchers...eek!! So...the show promoter took my trailer out via a forklift THANK GOODNESS!!! Going forward is one thing...backing up a trailer takes great skill, even greater skill with priceless antiques on ether side of me.
After a very sweet porter, Mr. Lynn with his flatbed dollies and his bicycle, helped me for two hours unload the trailer I spent the next 5 setting up the space. What do you think? I love the black paper...makes a HUGE difference when walking by...everything pops!
 This is one of my favorite pieces in my booth. Oh the things you could squirrel away in these drawers. Secrets and notes and love trinkets, right?
Then there is this basket full of old fishing floats in a myriad of sea glass colors. Who doesn't love a touch of beach? I have a basket full of vintage, hand made fishing trap markers too, uber cool. But what about the table they are all sitting on? Drum roll please.......
Oh. My. Goodness. A vintage pub (or tavern, depending on your neck of the woods) table. All metal with a cast iron base, SUPER heavy and guaranteed not to blow away! I love those rivets around the outside band. Plus...don't you love the chairs? The inherited carpenter in me loves the grain, gorgeous.
You know I always have garden items. I brought two cast stone lion head wall fountains with me...darool darool.
This pair is getting lots of cat calls and whistles but they could still be yours!
Pink and zinc...whats not to love? Primitive pink wall shelf as found in beautiful crackly pink paint and several zinc buckets from Turkey.

There is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much at this is utterly A-MAZING! I am just one of hundreds of vendors and artisans. I promise you it is worth driving a couple hours will be so happy you did. The finds are astounding...don't let this opportunity pass you by.

90 Volunteer Drive
Hendersonville Expo Center, TN
Saturday, February 16
10am - 5pm

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Elma said...

Oh I wish I was there for those doors or whatever they are called:)