Friday, February 6, 2015

Create A Calming Space

Pick up almost any home decor magazine today and you will find gorgeous photos of entire rooms, if not the entire home, devoted to white. While the thought of this may scare even the decorating risk takers among us (let alone those of us with children!) it need not strike fear into your decorating dreams.

When decorating with white the textures in a room become what would otherwise have been the layers of colors. It is important then to incorporate several different elements such as multiple textiles (washable!), bead board walls or ceilings, creative counters and cabinets, etc. to make this design work.

White elicits a calming, serene feeling. Think of your favorite spa’s color scheme. Most are varying shades of white and off-white. If you love the look and vibe of white rooms check out pinterest for some inspiration rooms. Maybe begin with a small room to “try on the look”. The bathroom is a great place to start. Introducing textural items is easy with towels, sponges, baskets and glassware. Use this space to create a soothing and tranquil refuge that will melt away all your stresses!

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