Thursday, March 3, 2016

Signs, signs everywhere there's signs! They make for BEAUTIFUL scenery!

Hey y'all!! How are ya?? Tell me what you're doing these days...leave me a comment...I miss you!!

What a whirlwind couple of weeks I have had! Nashville, to Ohio to Indianapolis back to Ohio! I have about 300 pictures from The Nashville Show and The Vintage Marketplace that I just started perusing. Today I'm going to share all of the ones that are of signs.
You know the lyrics to the Tesla song, right?
 Actually, the song was originally released in 1970 as the B-side to a relatively unsuccessful "Hello Mindy Goodbye" by the little know Five Man Electrical Band out of Canada.

The band re-released it in 1971 as the A-side and "Signs" subsequently reached No. 4 in Canada and No. 3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Billboard ranked it as the No. 24 song for 1971. 
It became a gold record.

 Tesla's recording of the song, which they took poetic license to by swapping out 'blocking out the scenery' with 'f***ing up the scenery, peaked at number 8 on the pop charts in 1990

 But I digress...oh those internet rabbit holes right?

 Well...these signs definitely do not f*** up the fact, they ARE the scenery!

From advertising to folk art to school charts to farm signs to vacation name it, you could find it at this show.
 (This little piggy went to market...literally, poor guy.)

 I had the pleasure of hanging out at the show for three days and watched most of these signs head home with shoppers. Someone's scenery just got a little more beautiful!

 Stay tuned, more photos coming soon!
P.S. Long haired freaky people rock!

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